Decentralization policies in Asian development


Decentralization policies in Asian development

editors Shinichi Ichimura, Roy Bahl

World Scientific, c2009

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This book explores the important topic of fiscal decentralization in Asian countries, and focuses on how government finance and administration are being reformed to bring budgetary decisions closer to voters. The focus on Asia is especially important because all countries in this region have been undergoing serious fiscal reforms in the past decade. They include one of the biggest decentralization reforms in Indonesia, significant reforms in democratic Philippines and Vietnam which are in transition, and Japan, whose fiscal reconstruction program is covered extensively. India and China, which are also covered, are very special cases because of their size and because their policies must fit decentralization into a significant economic growth scenario.


  • The Promise and Reality of Decentralization in Asia (R Bahl)
  • Reality of Decentralization Issues in Japan (T Hatta)
  • Political Decentralization: Political Decentralization and Fiscal Reform in Japan (T Ihori)
  • China's Urbanization and Fiscal Decentralization (W Zuo)
  • Fiscal Federalism in India: Trends and Reform (G Rao)
  • Administrative Reform in Taiwan (J N Shih)
  • Decentralization in the Philippines (B E Diokno)
  • Thailand's Decentralization (D Weist)
  • Administrative Decentralization in Vietnam (U K Hung)
  • Indonesia's Rapid Decentralization (B Hofman & W Fingler)
  • The Reform of Local Public Finance: The Reform of Japanese Local Governments (Shin Saito)
  • Local Public Finance in Taiwan (Tseng & Lee)
  • Revenues of Malaysian Local Governments (Setapa & Lin)
  • Balancing Autonomy and Accountability in the Philippines (R G Manasan).

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