Beneath the seven seas : adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology



Beneath the seven seas : adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology

edited by George F. Bass

Thames & Hudson, 2005


eneath the seven seas : adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology : with 433 illustrations,410 in colour

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • An enigma at Devil Creek : Şeytan Deresi, Turkey / George F. Bass
  • Discovering a royal ship from the age of King Tut : Uluburun, Turkey / Cemal Pulak
  • Cargo from the age of bronze : Cape Gelidonya, Turkey / George F. Bass
  • An archaic ship finally reaches port : Pabuç Burnu, Turkey / Elizabeth Greene
  • A wreck from the golden age of Greece : Tektaş Burnu, Turkey / Deborah Carlson
  • Resurrecting an ancient Greek ship : Kyrenia, Cyprus / Susan Womer Katzev
  • Saturation diving for archaeology : La Secca di Capistello, Italy / Donald A. Frey
  • Digging into an avalanche : the Hellenistic wreck at Serçe Limam, Turkey / Cemal Pulak
  • Modeling the fishing boat from the Sea of Galilee, Israel / William H. Charlton, Jr.
  • The ship of Georgios, priest and sea captain : Yassıada, Turkey / Frederick van Doorninck
  • The graveyard of ships : Tantura Lagoon, Israel / Shelley Wachsmann
  • Sampling a Byzantine vintage : Bozburun, Turkey / Fred Hocker
  • Solving a million-piece jigsaw puzzle : Serçe Limam, Turkey / George F. Bass
  • A 13th-century wine carrier : Çamalti Burnu, Turkey / Nergis Günsenin
  • Searching for deep-water ships in the Black Sea / Robert D. Ballard and Cheryl Ward
  • A 14th-century Chinese wreck : Shinan, Korea / George F. Bass
  • A 15th-century cog in the Zuidersee : Almere, Netherlands / Fred Hocker
  • Pursuing Southeast Asian wrecks : Ko Si Chang, Thailand / Jeremy Green
  • A rare Ottoman wreck : Yassıada, Turkey / Cemal Pulak
  • Ship archaeology in a hay field : Zuidersee, Netherlands / Robert S. Neyland
  • The pepper wreck : Nossa Senhora dos Mártires, Lisbon, Portugal / Filipe Castro
  • A tobacconist's dream : the pipe wreck, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic / Jerome Lynn Hall
  • La Salle's ship Belle : Matagorda Bay, Texas / J. Barto Arnold III and Donny L. Hamilton
  • Resurrecting "The wickedest city in the world" : Port Royal, Jamaica / Donny L. Hamilton
  • The tragedy of the Santo Antonio de Tanna : Mombasa, Kenya / Robin Piercy
  • Revisiting the Great Basses Reef, Sri Lanka / Jeremy Green
  • Chinese porcelain for the Ottoman court : Sadana Island, Egypt / Cheryl Ward
  • The Clydesdale Plantation vessel : Savannah River, South Carolina / Fred Hocker
  • Excavating the colonial privateer Defence : Penobscot Bay, Maine / David C. Switzer
  • From collier to troop transport : the Betsy, Yorktown, Virginia / John D. Broadwater
  • Tracing the wreck of the Ten Sail : Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands / Margaret Leshikar-Denton
  • Cleopatra's barge : Kauai, Hawaii / Paul F. Johnston
  • A horse-powered ferry : Burlington Bay, Lake Champlain / Kevin Crisman
  • The sidewheel steamer Heroine : Red River, Oklahoma / Kevin Crisman
  • The Denbigh, a civil war blockade runner : Galveston, Texas / J. Barto Arnold III
  • The sailing canal boats of Lake Champlain / Arthur Cohn
  • Mapping the "unsinkable" Titanic / George F. Bass
  • The Japanese fleet in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia / Jeremy Green
  • Exploring D-Day landing craft : Normandy, France / Brett Phaneuf



From the Mediterranean to the Pacific, from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, Beneath the Seven Seas takes the reader around the world in first-hand accounts of more than forty of the most exciting shipwreck and sunken-city projects ever undertaken. An expert team of archaeologists vividly describe shipwrecks from centuries past, from the oldest and deepest ever excavated to the remains of battles in both the European and Pacific theatres of World War II, accompanied throughout by hundreds of evocative photographs and specially commissioned diagrams, reconstructions and plans.

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