Langman's medical embryology


Langman's medical embryology

T. W. Sadler ; original illustrations by Jill Leland ; computer illustrations by Susan L. Sadler-Redmond ; scanning electron micrographs by Kathy Tosney ; ultrasound images by Nancy Chescheir and Hytham Imseis

Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott William & Wilkins, c2010

11th ed.

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Medical embryology

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Widely acclaimed for its clinical relevance and clear writing style, Langman's Medical Embryology provides a user-friendly and innovative approach to learning embryology. The revised eleventh edition presents medical and health professions students with a concise yet thorough description of embryology and its clinical significance, an awareness of which is essential in the diagnosis, and prevention of birth defects. It features outstanding full-color clinical images and photographs, end-of-chapter Summaries, Problems to Solve, and Clinical Correlates boxes. A companion Website includes fully searchable text, interactive review questions and problems, updated Simbryo animations of embryologic system development, and PowerPoint slides for instructors.


Part One General Embryology Chapter 1 Embryology: Old and New Frontiers and an Introduction to Molecular Regulation and Signaling/ Clinical Relevance/A Brief History of Embryology/Introduction to Molecular Regulation and Signaling Chapter 2 Gametogenesis: Conversion of Germ Cells into Male and Female Gametes/Primordial Germ Cells/ Clinical Correlates/The Chromosome Theory of Inheritance/Clinical Correlates/Morphological Changes during Maturation of the Gametes/Clinical Correlates Chapter 3 First Week of Development: Ovulation to Implantation/Ovarian Cycle/Clinical Correlates/Fertilization/Clinical Correlates/Cleavage/Blastocyst Formation/Clinical Correlates/Uterus at Time of Implantation Chapter 4 Second Week of Development: Bilaminar Germ Disc/Day 8/ Day 9/Days 11 and 12/Day 13/Clinical Correlates Chapter 5 Third Week of Development: Trilaminar Germ Disc/Gastrulation: Formation of Embryonic Mesoderm and Endoderm/Formation of the Notochord/Establishment of the Body Axes/Fate Map Established during Gastrulation/Growth of the Embryonic Disc/Clinical Correlates/Further Development of the Trophoblast Chapter 6 Third to Eighth Weeks: The Embryonic Period/Derivatives of the Ectodermal Germ Layer/Derivatives of the Mesodermal Germ Layer/Clinical Correlates/Derivatives of the Endodermal Germ Layer/Patterning of the Anteroposterior Axis: Regulation by Homeobox Genes/External Appearance during the Second Month/Clinical Correlates Chapter 7 Third Month to Birth: The Fetus and Placenta/Development of the Fetus/Clinical Correlates/Fetal Membranes and Placenta/Clinical Correlates/Structure of the Placenta/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Amnion and Umbilical Cord/ Clinical Correlates/Placental Changes at the End of Pregnancy/Amniotic Fluid, Clinical Correlates/Fetal Membranes in Twins/Clinical Correlates/Parturition (Birth)/Clinical Correlates Chapter 8 Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis/Birth Defects/ Clinical Correlates/Prenatal Diagnosis/Fetal Therapy Part Two Systems-based Embryology Chapter 9 Skeletal System/Skull/ Viscerocranium/Clinical Correlates/Limbs/Clinical Correlates/Vertebrae and the Vertebral Column/Clinical Correlates/Ribs and Sternum Chapter 10 Muscular System/Striated Skeletal Musculature/Molecular Regulation of Muscle Development/Patterning of Muscles/Derivatives of Precursor Muscle Cells/Head Musculature/Limb Musculature/ Clinical Correlates/Cardiac Muscle/ Smooth Muscle Chapter 11 Body Cavities/Formation of the Intraembryonic Cavity/Clinical Correlates/Serous Membranes/Diaphragm and Thoracic Cavity/Formation of the Diaphragm/Clinical Correlates Chapter 12 Cardiovascular System/ Establishment of the Cardiogenic Field/ Formation and Position of the Heart Tube/Formation of the Cardiac Loop/Clinical Correlates/Molecular Regulation of Cardiac Development/Development of the Sinus Venosus/Formation of the Cardiac Septa/ Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/ Clinical Correlates/Formation of the Conducting System of the Heart/Vascular Development/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Circulation before and after Birth Chapter 13 Respiratory System/ Formation of the Lung Buds/Clinical Correlates/Larynx/Trachea, Bronchi, and Lungs/Maturation of the Lungs/Clinical Correlates Chapter 14 Digestive System/Divisions of the Gut Tube/ Molecular Regulation of Gut Tube Development/MesenterieForegut/ Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/ Clinical Correlates/Molecular Regulation of Liver Induction/Pancreas/ Clinical Correlates/Midgut/Clinical Correlates/Hindgut/Clinical Correlates Chapter 15 Urogenital System/Urinary System/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Genital System/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates/Clinical Correlates Abbreviated Table of Contents

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Widely acclaimed for its scientific authority, pedagogy, clinical relevance, and clear, concise writing, this classic text covers all aspects of embryology of interest to medical, nursing, and health professions students. It features outstanding full-color illustrations and clinical images and photographs, end-of-chapter summaries and Problems to Solve, and Clinical Correlates boxes that provide information on birth defects and other clinical entities directly related to embryologic concepts. This Eleventh Edition has additional images in the birth defects chapters, many new full-color clinical photographs, and recolorized drawings. Other highlights include a glossary, new and updated Problems to Solve, and updated molecular genetics information. A companion Website will include the fully searchable text, interactive review questions and problems, updated Simbryo animations of embryologic system development, and PowerPoint slides for instructors.

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