Secularism, religion and multicultural citizenship


Secularism, religion and multicultural citizenship

[edited by] Geoffrey Brahm Levey and Tariq Modood ; foreword by Charles Taylor

Cambridge University Press, 2009

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The Islamist attacks of 9/11, the Danish cartoon affair and rioting by Muslim youths in France are just some of the events that have caused the 'Muslim question' to become a key issue of public debate in many western democracies. Secularism, Religion and Multicultural Citizenship argues that the Muslim case raises important questions about how we understand western secularism and respond to new religious claims in multicultural democracies. The contributors challenge prevailing assumptions about the history and practice of western secularism and recover the pragmatism behind liberal principles in negotiating new conditions. By situating the Muslim experience in relation to western secularism and liberal democratic practice, and through examining a variety of national contexts (including Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, the United States, Australia and India), this book extends thinking about our contemporary condition and considers the broader significance for multicultural liberal democracies.


  • Foreword: What is secularism? Charles Taylor
  • 1. Secularism and religion in a multicultural age Geoffrey Brahm Levey
  • Part I. Debating Secularism: 2. The shallow legitimacy of secular liberal orders: the case of early modern Brandenburg-Prussia Ian Hunter
  • 3. France on the knife-edge of religion: commemorating the centenary of the law of 9 December 1905 on the separation of church and state David Saunders
  • 4. Political secularism: why it is needed and what can be learnt from its Indian version Rajeev Bhargava
  • 5. Secularism, public reason or moderately agonistic democracy? Veit Bader
  • Part II. Secularism and Multicultural Citizenship: 6. Immigration and the new religious pluralism: a European/United States comparison Jose Casanova
  • 7. Muslims, religious equality and secularism Tariq Modood
  • 8. Contemporary politics of secularism S. Sayyid
  • 9. Muslims in the west and their attitudes to full participation in western societies: some reflections Abdullah Saeed
  • 10. Liberal democracy, multicultural citizenship and the Danish cartoon affair Geoffrey Brahm Levey and Tariq Modood.

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