Enzyme biocatalysis : principles and applications


    • Illanes, Andrés


Enzyme biocatalysis : principles and applications

Andrés Illanes, editor

Springer, c2008

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This book was written with the purpose of providing a sound basis for the design of enzymatic reactions based on kinetic principles, but also to give an updated vision of the potentials and limitations of biocatalysis, especially with respect to recent app- cations in processes of organic synthesis. The ?rst ?ve chapters are structured in the form of a textbook, going from the basic principles of enzyme structure and fu- tion to reactor design for homogeneous systems with soluble enzymes and hete- geneous systems with immobilized enzymes. The last chapter of the book is divided into six sections that represent illustrative case studies of biocatalytic processes of industrial relevance or potential, written by experts in the respective ?elds. We sincerely hope that this book will represent an element in the toolbox of gr- uate students in applied biology and chemical and biochemical engineering and also of undergraduate students with formal training in organic chemistry, biochemistry, thermodynamics and chemical reaction kinetics. Beyond that, the book pretends also to illustrate the potential of biocatalytic processes with case studies in the ?eld of organic synthesis, which we hope will be of interest for the academia and prof- sionals involved in R&D&I. If some of our young readers are encouraged to engage or persevere in their work in biocatalysis this will certainly be our more precious reward.


1. Introduction (Andres Illanes) 2. Enzyme Production (Andres Illanes) 3. Homogeneous Enzyme Kinetics (Andres Illanes, Claudia Altamirano, Lorena Wilson) 4. Heterogeneous Enzyme Kinetics (Andres Illanes, Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente, Jose Manuel Guisan, Lorena Wilson) 5. Enzyme Reactors (Andres Illanes, Claudia Altamirano) 6. Study Cases of Enzymatic Processes 6.1. Proteases as catalysts for peptide synthesis (Sonia Barberis, Fanny Guzman, Josep Lopez-Santin) 6.2. Synthesis of ss-lactam antibiotics with penicillin acylases (Andres Illanes, Lorena Wilson) 6.3. Chimioselective esterification of wood sterols with lipases (Gregorio Alvaro, Andres Illanes) 6.4. Oxidoreductases as powerful biocatalysts for green chemistry Jose Manuel Guisan, Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente, Lorena Wilson, Cesar Mateo) 6.5. Use of aldolases for asymmetric synthesis (Josep Lopez-Santin, Gregorio Alvaro, Pere Clapes) 6.6. Application of enzymatic reactors for the degradation of highly and poorly soluble recalcitrant compounds (Juan M. Lema et al.)

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