Harpoon : into the heart of whaling


    • Darby, Andrew


Harpoon : into the heart of whaling

Andrew Darby

(A Merloyd Lawrence book)(Lifelong books)

Da Capo Press, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



From one-hundred-fifty-ton barnacled Blues to the sleek, embattled Minke, whales have been hunted worldwide to near extinction. Despite efforts to halt the killing, the future of these majestic mammals-known as mind in the water-is again in jeopardy. With passion and engaging detail, Andrew Darby profiles each species of whale and its place in this great drama. From the wooden harpoons of aboriginals in cockleshell vessels, to the high-tech killing machines of todays lawless Russian whalers and smooth-talking Japanese scientific crews, Darby chronicles the evolving pursuit of whales and its significance to our humanity. Fans of well-written history, as well as those fascinated by whales and the fierce international conflict surrounding them, will be swept into the very heart of whaling.

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