Organ and tissue donation : an evidence base for practice



Organ and tissue donation : an evidence base for practice

edited by Magi Sque and Sheila Payne

Open University Press, 2007

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What is the historical and social context that shapes our attitudes towards organ and tissue donation? How do the bereavement experiences of organ donor families differ from other types of bereavement? How can health and social care professionals support bereaved families leading up to, during and after organ and tissue donation? This ground-breaking book is a valuable addition to the end-of-life, palliative and bereavement care literature. Using original research findings relating to the social and psychological issues surrounding organ donation, this book provides a strong evidence-base and brings together contemporary research carried out in the developed world. The book is internationally applicable, especially in countries with Westernised healthcare systems and where organ donation takes place using similar practices to the UK. Key areas covered include: Examination of the historical development of human dissection and how it created a context for legislation Analysis of how human organ and tissue donation is currently understood The social theories that help explain the donation event and families' and health professionals' experiences of it Organ and Tissue Donation: An Evidence Base for Practice is essential reading for transplant coordinators and qualified clinical practitioners working in intensive care, accident and emergency departments, operating theatres, palliative care units and bereavement support and counselling services. It is also a core text for specialist postgraduate programmes and a useful reference book for national organisations concerned with donation and transplant services.


List of contributors Introduction Human dissection and organ transplantation in historical context Contemporary views of bereavement and the experience of grief Gift of Life or Sacrifice? Key discourses for understanding decision-making by families of organ donors A dissonant loss: The bereavement of organ donor families Supporting families' decision-making about organ donation Tissue donation and the attitudes of health care professionals Facilitating the donation discussion beyond intensive care: Lessons from specialist palliative care Decisions about living kidney donation: A family and professional perspective Xenotransplantation and the Post Human Future Closing thoughts and the future Appendix 1 Index

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