Ethical and social issues in the information age


Ethical and social issues in the information age

Joseph Migga Kizza

(Texts in computer science)

Springer, c2007

3rd ed

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Ethical dilemmas have risen in number and intensity with the increasing dependence of contemporary society on computers and computer networks. Despite the proliferation of expert remedies, viable solutions to computer security issues remain too elusive, and society continues to suffer at the hands of cyber criminals, vandals, and hackers. This comprehensive third edition of the successful "Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age" takes off where the second ended to examine ethical, social, and policy challenges stemming from the emergence of cyberspace, the convergence of telecommunication and computing technologies, and the miniaturalization of computing, telecommunication, and information-enabling devices. This accessible volume broadly surveys thought-provoking questions about the impact of these new technologies, with particular emphasis on the rapid growth of a multitude of computer networks, including the Internet. It assumes only a very modest familiarity with the basic computer literacy. This book: describes how changes in information technology influence morality and the law; provides fundamental discussion of network-security system design and operation to reveal vulnerable areas in computer network infrastructure (New chapter); surveys the history of computing and the evolution of computer crimes; explores biometric techniques to system access control (New chapter); incorporates recent requirements for computer curricula; introduces and explores techniques in electronic crime investigation (New chapter); assesses workplace concerns related to privacy, surveillance, and virtual offices; offers a pertinent discussion on civil liberties, harassment, and discrimination; and, contains chapter-ending exercises, and the author provides instructor classroom support materials and teaching guides at his website. This newly revised text/reference provides an updated discussion of the ethical and social issues that continue to evolve as computing and information technologies proliferate. Students at all levels who need to learn about computer ethics, the legal aspects of computing, network security, computer crime investigation, and biometrics will find this well documented work an invaluable resource. The book is also highly useful for practitioners needing such insights for their work.


Introduction to Social and Ethical Computing.- Morality and the Law.- Ethics, Technology and Value, Ethics and the Professions.- Anonymity, Security, Privacy and Civil Liberties.- Intellectual Property Rights and Computer Technology.- Social Context of Computing.- Software Issues: Risks and Liabilities.- Computer Crimes.- New Frontiers for Computer Ethics: Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace and Virtual Reality.- Cyberspace and Cyberethics.- Computer Networks Crimes.- Computer Crime Investigations -- Computer Forensics.- Biometrics.- Appendix A: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.- Appendix B: The Federal False Claims Act.- Appendix C.- Projects.

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