Inorganic chromotropism : basic concepts and applications of colored materials


Inorganic chromotropism : basic concepts and applications of colored materials

Yutaka Fukuda (ed.)

Kodansha , Springer, c2007

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This volume presents various kinds of reversible color changes of inorganic coordination compounds due to changes in the chemical and physical surrounding conditions. By approaching the subject of chromotropism from the standpoint of inorganic and coordination chemistry to appeal to a wide readership, complete explanations are given, including the fundamental concepts of colors (basic inorganic spectroscopy), structure and other physicochemical properties (magnetism, redox reaction, kinetic and thermodynamic) of the complexes to the application of these interesting colored materials. Graduate students and young chemists starting to investigate basic scientific researches and/or to synthesize and characterize new colored coordinate materials will find this to be a good reference volume. Part I includes the basic principles of chromotropism (concepts of transition metal complex-bonding, structure and redox properties, color origins of the complexes and chromotropic phenomena due to changes in various surrounding conditions) are explained. Part II introduces many interesting and important examples of chromotropic behaviors of the coordination compounds, and practical applications to material sciences are discussed.


Definition and Principles of Inorganic Chromotropism.- General Introduction of Inorganic Chromotropism and to the Origin of the Colors of Inorganic Materials.- What is Chromotropism?.- Various Chromotropic Phenomena.- Thermochromism.- Solvatochromism.- Piezochromism.- Photochromism.- Electrochromism.- Application to Inorganic Materials.

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