Romance linguistics 2007 : selected papers from the 37th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Pittsburgh, 15-18 March 2007


Romance linguistics 2007 : selected papers from the 37th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Pittsburgh, 15-18 March 2007

edited by Pascual José Masullo, Erin O'Rourke, Chia-Hui Huang

(Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science, ser. 4 . Current issues in linguistic theory ; v. 304)

J. Benjamins Publishing, c2009

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Includes bibliographies and index



The present volume includes a selection of twenty-one peer-reviewed and revised papers from the 37th annual Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) held at the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. The papers cover a range of topics in morphology, syntax, phonology and language acquisition. A number of languages and varieties are also analyzed, including Italian, Spanish, Judeo-Spanish, Old Spanish, French, Old French, and Romanian. Contributions include papers from three of the invited speakers, Heles Contreras, Javier Gutierrez-Rexach and Julia Herschensohn. This volume highlights theoretical issues under current debate in Romance linguistics.


  • 1. Foreword
  • 2. Null Expletives and Case: The View from Romance (by Alboiu, Gabriela)
  • 3. On the Existence of Null Complementizers in Old French (by Arteaga, Deborah)
  • 4. On the Lack of Transparency Effects in French (by Authier, Jean-Marc)
  • 5. On the Syllabification of Prevocalic /w/ in Judeo-Spanish (by Bradley, Travis G.)
  • 6. Word Order and Minimalism (by Contreras, Heles)
  • 7. The Status of Old French Clitics in the 12th Century (by Culbertson, Jennifer)
  • 8. Towards a Unified Account of Positive and Negative Polarity: Evidence from Romanian (by Falaus, Anamaria)
  • 9. Correlativization and Degree Quantification in Spanish (by Gutierrez-Rexach, Javier)
  • 10. Imperfect Variation and Class Marking in the Old Spanish Third Conjugation (by Henriksen, Nicholas)
  • 11. Licensing Negative Fragments and the Interpretation of Comparison (by Herdan, Simona)
  • 12. Developing I-Language in L1 and L2 (by Herschensohn, Julia)
  • 13. Crypto-Variation in Italian Velar Palatalisation (by Kramer, Martin)
  • 14. Antisymmetry and the Typology of Relative Clauses: Morphological Evidence from Romance (by Martin, Juan)
  • 15. Romance Paths as Cognate Complements: A Lexical-Syntactic Account (by Mateu, Jaume)
  • 16. Discriminating Pitch Accent Alignment in Spanish (by Ronquest, Rebecca E.)
  • 17. Proscriptions...Gaps...and Something in Between: An Experimental Examination of Spanish Phonotactics (by Shelton, Michael)
  • 18. Romanian Palatalization: The Role of Place of Articulation in Perception (by Spinu, Laura)
  • 19. Putting in Order the Spanish DP (by Ticio, Emma)
  • 20. The Domain of Palatalization in Romanian (by Vogel, Irene)
  • 21. Rhotic Metathesis Asymmetries in Romance: Formalizing the Effects of Articulation and Perception on Sound Change (by Russell, Eric)
  • 22. The Left Edge in the Spanish Clausal Structure (by Zubizarreta, Maria Luisa)
  • 23. Index

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