Human rights constitutionalism in Japan and Asia : the writings of Lawrence W. Beer


Human rights constitutionalism in Japan and Asia : the writings of Lawrence W. Beer

(The writings of, v. 1)

Global Oriental, 2009

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Less noticed in the West than wars, terrorism and economic trends has been the historic development since World War II of constitutional government and law in Asia. Lawrence W. Beer has been a close observer of Asian linkages among law, politics, culture, and national security issues for over fifty years. His perspectives have been refined during long residence in Asia, especially Japan, by substantial friendly interactions with Asian legal scholars, judges and attorneys involved in the world of human rights constitutional law. This volume, which will be widely welcomed by students and researchers, brings together a selection of Beer's many works previously published in diverse venue, but no longer easily accessible. The collection opens with a review of constitutionalism in Asia and the United States and concludes with a recent examination of Japan's rejection of war: 'Japan's Constitutional Discourse and Performance'. By way of Afterword, the author offers an in-depth review of 'Globalization of Human Rights in the 21st Century'.


  • Preface
  • PART I: Asia
  • 1 Constitutionalism in Asia and the United States
  • 2 Current Human Rights Issues in Asia
  • 3 Constitutionalism and Rights in Japan and Korea
  • 5 Human Rights Theory and "Freedom Culture"
  • PART II: Japan
  • 6 Japan, 1969: "My Homeism" and Political Struggle
  • 7 Social Patterns and Freedom of Expression
  • 8 Human Rgihts Commissioners (Jinken Yogo Iin) and Lay Protection of Human Rights in Japan
  • 9 Constitutional Revolution in Japanese Law, Society, and Politics
  • 10 Freedom of Expression: The Continuing Revolution
  • 11 Japan's Constitutional Law, 1945-1990
  • 12 National Security and Freedom of Expression in Japan
  • 13 Rejection of War: Japan's Constitutional Discourse and Performance
  • PART III: The Future
  • 14 Conclusion: Towards Human Rights Constitutional in Asia and The United States?
  • 15 Afterword: Asian Constitutionalism in the Twenty-First Century
  • Appendix: Adventures with Asia
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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