State and local politics : the great entanglement


State and local politics : the great entanglement

Robert S. Lorch

Prentice Hall, c2001

6th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Designed for courses in state and local government, this text offers comprehensive coverage of state and local government systems. It examines the fundamental elements shared by all local and state governments and offers an in-depth look at the division of power, the mechanics of the electoral system and state constitutions. It also identifies the role and responsibilities of the governor, the legislature and the courts. This text should prove useful to anyone interested in understanding the details of state and local government including those with political aspirations and those seeking greater involvement in the governing process.


1. Looking at States and Localities. 2. State Constitutions. 3. Federalism. 4. Election Machinery. 5. Parties, Pressure Groups, and Elites. 6. The Governor. 7. The Legislature. 8. Courts and Law. 9. Counties, Towns, Townships, Special Districts, and Indian Reservations. 10. Cities and Metropolitan Areas. 11. Money Matters. 12. Civil Servants. 13. Agencies, Functions, and Policy Issues. 14. Epilog. Appendix I: Selected Journals and Yearbooks. Appendix II: Some Basic State and Local Government Websites. Glossary. Index.

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