Social networks : development, evaluation and influence


    • Schneider, Hanna L.
    • Huber, Lilli M.


Social networks : development, evaluation and influence

Hanna L. Schneider and Lilli M. Huber, editors

Nova Science, c2008

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Pages of another impression: xiii, 327 p

Includes bibliographical references and index



Social networking is not a new concept. Various traditional facets of our existence might be reinterpreted as social networking, from early Christians to the World Wide Web. It refers to the act of relating nodes for example; individuals, organisations, and other social entities through social links for example; and friendship, professional relationship, and information exchange. Before the 20th century, social networking could only take place at short distance, or with considerable time delay when travelling or exchanging letters. Since the 1950's, telephones, tele- and videoconferencing have allowed real-time communications even over long distances. These two-way communication channels are generally good links for pairs of people or small groups, but they tend to be inefficient for large-scale, mass interactions. Moreover they enable simultaneous communications. This book provides leading edge research on this field from around the globe.


  • Preface
  • Using Online Social Networks to Look at the Future
  • Visualising Web Traffic Data Using Social Network Analysis: Exploring Gender Differences in Web Use Patterns
  • Expanded Personal Networks as a Cognitive Stimulus an Application to the Paleolithic
  • Family Configurations of Individuals with Psychiatric Disorders: A Review of Empirical Assessments Done with the Family Network Method
  • Social and Biological Networks Dysfunction in Depression
  • The Influence of Familial Networks on the Educational Behavior of Elementary School Students
  • Analysis of Social Behaviors in Social Networks
  • On the Spectra of Weighted Random Graphs Related to Social Networks
  • Urban History and Cultural Studies in Latin America
  • Network Induced Powerbase: The Appreciation of Contributing to the Values of Other Nodes
  • Dynamic Contact Patterns and Social Structure in Realistic Social Networks
  • Social Networks: A Crucial Link Towards the Advancement of Entrepreneurship: To Nanotech and Beyond
  • Many-Body Effects in the Coalition Formation Process
  • Social Networks: Issues and Facts
  • The Integration in a Decentralized Supply Chain Network with Random Demands: An Variational Inequality Approach
  • Social and Political Participation in Canada
  • Index.

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