The Europeanisation of Whitehall : UK central government and the European Union


The Europeanisation of Whitehall : UK central government and the European Union

Simon Bulmer and Martin Burch

(European policy research unit series)

Manchester University Press, 2009

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What has been the impact of the EU on UK central government? This book explores the 'Europeanisation' of the work of civil servants and ministers and how they engage with the EU. Drawing on fresh empirical evidence, the volume offers the first comprehensive analysis of the spreading impact of European integration across government. The study is placed in the context of political divisions over the EU but outlines the often neglected way in which the EU has transformed the business of government. It charts the process from the Macmillan government's 1961 application to join the European Communities through to the end of Blair's premiership. The book examines the character and timing of responses across government, covering the core government departments and also those more recently affected, such as the Ministry of Defence. The authors argue that central government has organized itself efficiently to deal with the demands of EU membership despite the often controversial party political divisions over Europe. However, in placing their findings in comparative context they conclude that the effectiveness of UK governments in the EU has been less striking. -- .


List of boxes List of figures List of tables Preface List of abbreviations 1. Setting the scene 2. The Europeanisation of UK central government: analytical challenges 3. The EU framework for UK policy-making 4. Approaching Europe: Europeanisation and accession 5. The management of EU business in Whitehall: the hub 6. The European Union and 'inner core' departments 7. The European Union and the 'outer core' 8. Understanding the impact of Europe 9. Whitehall in comparative context 10. Conclusion References Index -- .

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