Israel, Palestine and terror


Israel, Palestine and terror

edited by Stephen Law

Continuum, c2008

  • : hbk.

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This is an extraordinary collection of essays on a hugely topical subject from a team of leading philosophers from around the world.This extraordinary book brings together the thoughts of 15 leading philosophers on one of the most important political and cultural crises of our time.Many Westerners are beginning to realize the extent to which terrorism and the Israel/Palestine conflict - and the ways in which we handle them - are likely to be determining factors in shaping the West of the future.This short and accessible book introduces the key issues from a philosophical perspective. Introduced by Stephen Law, "Israel, Palestine and Terror" presents a powerful, provocative and engaging overview. The team of contributors includes such leading figures as Noam Chomsky and Ted Honderich."Israel, Palestine and Terror" provides an indispensable guide to the key ideas and arguments surrounding what is likely to become a defining conflict of this century.


  • Introduction, Stephen Law (Heythrop College, UK)
  • 1. Terrorisms in Palestine - Ted Honderich (UCL, UK)
  • 2. Terror, Tomis Kapitan (University of Northern Illinois, USA)
  • 3. The Morality of Palestinian Terrorism, Timothy Shanahan (Loyola Marymont University, USA)
  • 4. Killing the Innocent, Richard Norman (University of Kent, UK)
  • 5. Terrorism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Igor Primoratz (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • 6. Terrorism and Justice: Some Useful Truisms, Noam Chomsky (MIT, USA)
  • 7. Terror in Palestine: A Non-Violent Alternative?, Stephen Law (Heythrop College, UK)
  • 8. Casting the First Stone: Who Can, and Who Can't, Condemn the Terrorists, Gerald Cohen (University of Oxford, UK)
  • 9. Murder and Morality: Professor Honderich on Israel and the Palestinians, Ardon Lyon (City University, UK)
  • 10. Terror and Expected Collateral Damage: The Case for Moral Equivalence, Michael Neumann (Trent University, Canada)
  • 11. In a World of Uneasy Virtue, William L. McBride (Purdue University, USA)
  • 12. Talk and Terror: The Value of Just-War Arguments in the Context of Terror, Patrick Riordan (Heythrop College, UK)
  • 13. Territory and Terrorism in Israel, Tamar Meisels (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
  • 14. Cosmopolitanism in a Time of Terror, Sharon Anderson-Gold (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
  • 15. Tricks of Memory: Auschwitz and the Question of Palestiniam Terrorism, Brian Klug (University of Oxford, UK) Postscript, Ted Honderich (UCL, UK).

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