Monasticism in late medieval England, c.1300-1535


Monasticism in late medieval England, c.1300-1535

selected sources translated and annotated with an introduction by Martin Heale

(Manchester medieval sources series)

Manchester University Press , Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

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Bibliography: p. [236]-244

Includes index

Translated from the Middle English



Monasticism in late medieval England, c.1300-1535 provides the first collection of translated sources on this subject. The volume covers both male and female houses of all orders and sizes, and offers a range of new perspectives on the character and reputation of English monasteries in the later middle ages. The first section surveys the internal affairs of English monasteries, including recruitment, the monastic economy, standards of observance and learning. The second part looks at the relations between monasteries and the world, exploring the monastic contribution to late medieval religion and society and lay attitudes towards monks and nuns in the years leading up to the Dissolution. This book is an ideal introduction to this topic for students and scholars. Supported by an extended and accessible introduction this collection of documents gives an unrivalled insight into the last phase of monastic life in medieval England. -- .


Foreword Preface and acknowledgements Introduction: Monasticism in late medieval England, c.1300-1535 PART ONE: MONASTIC LIFE IN LATE MEDIEVAL ENGLAND 1. The Essence of the monastic life: the Benedictine rule 2. Recruitment and Economy 3. Everyday life and administration 4. Buildings and adornment 5. Reform and visitation 6. Liturgy and spirituality 7. Learning PART TWO: MONASTERIES AND THE WORLD 8. Monastic foundation and suppression in the later middle ages 9. Patronage 10. The Religious services of late medieval monasteries 11. The social services of late medieval monasteries 12. Relations with lay neighbours 13. Criticism of the monastic life 14. Monasteries and the crown Bibliography of printed works cited Index -- .

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