Wastewater treatment in constructed wetlands with horizontal sub-surface flow


Wastewater treatment in constructed wetlands with horizontal sub-surface flow

Jan Vymazal, Lenka Kröpfelová

(Environmental pollution, v. 14)

Springer, c2008

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 433-560) and index



Wetlands have been used for uncontrolled wastewater disposal for centuries. However, the change in attitude towards wetlands during the 1950s and 1960s caused the minimization of the use of natural wetlands for wastewater treatment (at least in developed countries). Constructed wetlands have been used for wastewater treatment for about forty years. Constructed wetland treatment systems are engineered systems that have been designed and constructed to utilize the natural processes for removal of pollutants. They are designed to take advantage of many of the same processes that occur in natural wetlands, but do so within a more controlled environment. The aim of this book is to summarize the knowledge on horizontal s- surface flow constructed wetlands (HF CWs) and objectively evaluate their treatment efficiency under various conditions. The information on this type of wastewater treatment technology is scattered in many publications but a comprehensive summary based on world-wide experience has been lacking. The book provides an extensive overview of this treatment technology around the world, including examples from more than 50 countries and examples of various types of wastewater treated in HF CWs.


The Authors.- Preface.- Introduction.- Transformation Mechanisms Of Major Nutrients And Metals In Wetlands.- Wetland Plants.- Types Of Constructed Wetlands For Wastewater Treatment.- Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands. Types Of Wastewater Treated In HF Constructed Wetlands.- The Use Of HF Constructed Wetlands In The World.- References.-Suggested Reading.- Subject Index.

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