The bear knife, and other American Indian tales


The bear knife, and other American Indian tales

collected by Ruth-Inge Heinze ; illustrated by Scott Fray

Bramble Books, c1994

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  • Tales of the beginning: Creation story (Sedonia Cahill)
  • How the world came into being (Iroquois)
  • The first fire (Iroquois)
  • Origin of the peace pipe (Omaha)
  • Origin of the thunder pipe (Blackfoot)
  • Origin of the bear spear (Blackfoot)
  • Origin of the beaver bundle (Arikara)
  • First medicine wheel (Jan Ogren as told by the circle of grandmother and grandfather story tellers)
  • Origin of the strawberries (Iroquois)
  • Origin of corn (Arikara)
  • Tales of great men and women: Is'tu-un, the knife (Blackfoot/Adolf Spohr)
  • Scarface or the first sweat lodge (Lewis E. Mehl)
  • Big sister's sacrifice or how the Milky Way came into being (Lewis E. Mehl)
  • Smoking-star I (Blackfoor)
  • Smoking-star II (Blackfoot)
  • Seven stars of the Big Dipper (Blackfoot)
  • Falling-star (Dakota)
  • Ghost tales: Buffalo spirit (Teton)
  • Eagle's revenge (Iroquois)
  • Birds omen (Dakota)
  • Cross Bull and the ghost (Blackfoot)
  • Cross-roads (Omaha)
  • Singing ghost (Ponca)
  • Man who shot a ghost (Teton)
  • Man who wrestled a ghost (Teton)
  • Ghost's revenge (Dakota)
  • Fables: Old-woman-who-never-dies (Mandan)
  • Old man and the squirrels (Blackfoot)
  • Chief of the birds (Omaha)
  • Buffalo Bill and the grizzly bear (Omaha)
  • Race between hummingbird and crane (Iroquois)
  • Why peasants pound the corn (Iroquois)
  • Why turkeys gobble (Iroquois)
  • Ikto and the snow storm (Teton)
  • Ikto and the turtle (Teton)
  • Ictinike and the turtle (Omaha)
  • Ictinike and the creators (Omaha)
  • Coyote and grey fox (Ponca)
  • How hare escaped the wolves (Iroquois)
  • How hare lost his fat (Omaha)
  • How flint visited hare (Iroquois)
  • How hare caught the sun in a trap (Omaha)
  • Why stags have blunt teeth (Iroquois)
  • Great-turtle on war path (Omaha)
  • Tales from our time: A traditional story (Jurgen Kremer)
  • Girl who wanted to know what it is like to be a butterfly (Jan Ogren)
  • The singer (Sedonia Cahill, adapted from C.P. Estes' Women who run with the wolves)
  • The village (Bird Brother)