The new media of surveillance


    • Magnet, Shoshana
    • Gates, Kelly


The new media of surveillance

edited by Shoshana Magnet and Kelly Gates

Routledge, 2009

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"This book was originally published as a special issue of 'The Communication Revew'." -- preceding t.p.



The spread of new surveillance technologies is an issue of major concern for democratic societies. More ubiquitous and sophisticated monitoring techniques raise profound questions for the very possibility of individual autonomy and democratic government. Innovations in surveillance systems require equally innovative approaches for analyzing their social and political implications, and the field of critical communication studies is uniquely equipped to provide fresh insights. This book brings together the work of a number of critical communication scholars who take innovative approaches to examining the surveillance dimensions of new media technologies. The essays included in this volume focus on interactive networks, computer generated imagery, biometrics, and intelligent transport systems as sites where communication and surveillance have become virtually inseparable social processes. This book was originally published as a special issue of The Communication Review.


1. Communication Research and the Study of Surveillance Kelly Gates and Shoshana Magnet 2. Surveillance in the Digital Enclosure Mark Andrejevic 3. Of Ziploc Bags and Black Holes: The Aesthetics of Transparency in the War on Terror Rachel Hall 4. Monstrous Play in Negative Spaces: Illegible Bodies and the Cultural Construction of Biometric Technology Heather Murray 5. "War Rooms" of the Street: Surveillance Practices in Transportation Control Centers Torin Monahan 6. Getting Carded: Border Control and the Politics of Canada's Permanent Resident Card Simone Browne 7. Therapeutics of the Self: Surveillance in the Service of the Therapeutic Rachel E. Dubrofsky 8. Afterword: The Socioalgorithmics of Race: Sorting it Out in Jihad Worlds Lisa Nakamura

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