Trusting what you know : the high stakes of classroom relationships


    • Raider-Roth, Miriam B.


Trusting what you know : the high stakes of classroom relationships

Miriam B. Raider-Roth ; foreword by Carol Gilligan

(The Jossey-Bass education series)

Jossey-Bass, c2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 193-203) and index



"Trusting What You Know" shows that building genuine trustworthy relationships between teachers and students is pivotal in students' capacity to learn. Based on an extended research study by Miriam Raider-Roth, an educational researcher and former elementary school teacher, "Trusting What You Know" reveals what students think about their relationships in the classroom and how these relationships affect their ability to learn. The book includes guiding principles for teachers, researchers, educators, and parents who want to understand the ways that human relationships at school fundamentally influence what children learn, know, and trust.


Foreword (Carol Gilligan). Acknowledgments. The Author. Prologue: Peeling an Onion. Part One: Considering Trust and Relationship. Introduction: Constructing a Relational. Landscape of Learning. 1. Trusting Relationships, Trusting What You Know. Part Two: Listening to the Students. 2. Jose: "Response Is the Whole Thing". 3. Maya: Two Shelves for Knowing. 4. Sharon: Constructing Confidence. 5. Gabe: Examining Two Kinds of Body Knowledge. Part Three: The Relational Context of Learning and Teaching. 6. Who Is Speaking? Deciding Which Truth to Tell. 7. Who Is Listening? Deciding What Knowledge to Share. 8. The Relational Learner: Why Classroom Relationships Matter. Epilogue: The Heart of the Onion. Appendix: Listening Closely: Discovery and the Research Relationship. References. Index.

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