Tort law and economics


Tort law and economics

edited by Michael Faure

(Encyclopedia of law and economics, v. 1)

E. Elgar, c2009

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This volume provides a state-of-the-art overview of the literature on the economic analysis of tort law. In sixteen chapters, the specialist authors guide the reader through the often vast literature in each domain providing a balanced and comprehensive summary. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of the field, further refinements to economic models and relevant conclusions and lessons for the policymaker. Tort Law and Economics is part of the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, and enables readers, some not familiar with law and economics, to obtain an insight in the relevant economic literature concerning tort law and economics. This book will be of interest to lawyers and economists, practitioners and academics interested in accident law, tort law, insurance and regulation. It will also appeal to students in economic analysis of law and policymakers working on prevention of accidents, tort law or compensation of accident victims.


Contents: General Introduction PART I: EFFICIENT LIABILITY RULES 1. Strict Liability versus Negligence Hans-Bernd Schafer and Frank Muller-Langer 2. Contributory and Comparative Negligence in the Law and Economics Literature Mireia Artigot i Golobardes and Fernando Gomez Pomar PART II: CAUSATION AND MULTIPLE TORTFEASORS 3. Causation and Foreseeability Omri Ben-Shahar 4. Joint and Several Liability Lewis A. Kornhauser and Richard L. Revesz 5. Vicarious and Corporate Civil Liability Reinier H. Kraakman PART III: DAMAGES 6. Tort Damages Louis T. Visscher 7. Pure Economic Loss Jef De Mot 8. Non Pecuniary Losses Siewert D. Lindenbergh and Peter P.M. van Kippersluis 9. Punitive Damages A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell PART IV: SPECIFIC CASES 10. Environmental Liability Michael Faure 11. Products Liability Mark A. Geistfeld 12. Medical Malpractice Steve Boccara PART V: ALTERNATIVE COMPENSATION SYSTEMS 13. Tort Law and Liability Insurance Gerhard Wagner 14. No-Fault Compensation Systems Karine Fiore PART VI: OTHER PERSPECTIVES ON TORT LAW 15. Harmonizing Tort Law: A Comparative Tort Law and Economics Analysis Willem H. van Boom PART VII: EMPIRICS 16. Empirics of Tort Ben C.J. van Velthoven Index

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