Readings on social movements : origins, dynamics and outcomes


Readings on social movements : origins, dynamics and outcomes

[edited by] Doug McAdam, David A. Snow

Oxford University Press, 2010

2nd ed

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Rev. ed. of: Social movement. c1997

Includes bibliographical references (p. 735-821) and index



Over the past two decades, the study of social movements has emerged as one of the largest, most intellectually vibrant subfields in American sociology. A comprehensive and timely anthology, Readings on Social Movements: Origins, Dynamics, and Outcomes, Second Edition, features the most salient research and articles available on the subject. Edited by Doug McAdam and David A. Snow, the text organizes the readings by theory and concept to mirror the temporal unfolding of social movements (emergence, mobilization, dynamics, and outcomes). The book also places a unique emphasis on the overall "success" of a movement, thereby teaching students various ways in which to contextualize critical material. The second edition includes eighteen new readings on social movements outside of the United States, as well as thirty-four brand-new selections, twenty-six of which have been published since 2000. New topics include: the role of emotion, narrative, and "identity work" and "collective identity" in social movements; work at the intersection of the sociology of law and social movements; transnational movements; Islamic fundamentalism; and the "policing of protest." Other distinctive features of the second edition include: * A general introduction to social movements * Expert introductions framing each section * A combined reference section * An index * An "Alternative Uses Grid" grouping the selections according to additional topics and conceptual themes A wide-ranging, authoritative compilation by two of the best scholars in the field, Readings on Social Movements, Second Edition, is ideal for courses in social movements and collective behavior.

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