Ecological debt : global warming and the wealth of nations


Ecological debt : global warming and the wealth of nations

Andrew Simms

Pluto Press, 2009

2nd ed

  • : hardback
  • : pbk

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Millions of people in the West are running up huge ecological debts: from the amount of oil and coal that we burn to heat our houses and run our cars, to what we consume and the waste that we create, the impact of our lifestyles is felt worldwide. Whilst these debts go unpaid, millions more living in poverty in the majority world suffer the burden of paying dubious foreign financial debts. Ecological Debt explores this great paradox of our age. Highlighting how and why this has happened, it also shows what can be done differently in the future. Now updated throughout, this is a passionate account of the steps we can take to stop pushing the planet to the point of environmental bankruptcy.


Acknowledgements Preface 1. A Short Walk to Venus 2. The Chemist's Warning: a Short History of Global Warming 3. The Heaven Bursters: Tuvalu and the Fate of Nations 4. The Great Reversal of Human Progress 5. Ecological Debt 6. The Carbon Debt 7. Rationalising Self-destruction (Or Why People Are More Stupid Than Frogs) 8. The Car Park at the End of the World 9. Pay Back Time: the Law, Climate Change and Ecological Debt 10. Data for the Doubtful: the Lessons of War Economies 11. The New Adjustment 12. Minerva's Owl 13. In the Footsteps of Stanley 14. Tick Tock Climate Clock 15. The Duck's Choice 16. How to Live on an Island Notes Index

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