Architectural graphic standards for residential construction


    • Rumbarger, Janet
    • Vitullo, Richard
    • Ramsey, Charles G. (Charles George)
    • American Institute of Architects


Architectural graphic standards for residential construction

Janet Rumbarger, editor in chief ; Richard J. Vitullo, graphic editor

(Wiley graphic standards)

John Wiley & Sons, c2003

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"The American Institute of Architects"

"This new volume comprises the parts of the 10th edition of Architectural graphic standards most useful for residential projects and entirely new information on construction materials and techniques."--Pref

Includes index



"Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction" is an all new visual guide devoted exclusively to construction standards of residential structures. Created exclusively for professionals working in residential design and construction, this guide combines key information culled from the tenth edition of "Architectural Graphic Standards" with all new material on residential design. This special volume provides thousands of standard architectural details and guidelines and is an easy reference for anyone designing or constructing a residential project. From detailing foundations to designing home theaters, home offices, and other specialty rooms, "Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction" is a resource that's as efficient as it is comprehensive. You'll find design details that incorporate best construction practices as well as guidelines for state of the art wiring, heating, and cooling systems. In step with current practices, this volume includes the latest guidelines for: energy efficiency; accessibility; HVAC and indoor air quality; and, Green construction. An essential guide for designing in today's fast paced and competitive building environment, "Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction" is a critical resource if you're an architect, contractor, engineer, developer, home builder, or other professional involved in designing residential buildings.


Preface.Acknowledgments.1. GENERAL PLANNING AND DESIGN DATA.Human Dimensions.Accessibility.Housing.Site Improvements and Amenities.Acoustical Design.Building Security.Residential Room Planning.Special Purpose Rooms.Egress Planning.Residential Storage Planning.General Use Furniture.Residential Furniture.Boats.2. SITE PLANNING.Site, Community, and Urban Planning.Flood Damage Control.Housing.Solar Radiation and Building Orientation.Automobiles, Roads, and Parking.3. BUILDING SYSTEMS AND DESIGN.Building Systems.Environmental Construction.Seismic Design.Climate Response and Building Design.Energy Conservation.4. SITEWORK.Subsurface Investigation.Sewerage and Drainage.Paving and Surfacing.Site Improvements and Amenities.Retaining Walls.Excavation Support Systems.Piles and Caissons.Water Distribution.Planting.5. CONCRETE AND FOUNDATIONS.Concrete Forms and Accessories.Concrete Reinforcement.Foundations.Cast-in-Place Concrete.6. MASONRY AND STONE.Masonry Units.Masonry Mortar.Masonry Accessories.Stone.Historic Masonry.Glass Unit Masonry.7. FRAMING.Introduction.Wood Treatment.Design Load Tables.Wood and Plastic Fastenings.Rough Carpentry.Structural Panels.Heavy Timber Construction.Environmental Construction.Wood Decking.Sheathing.Wood Trusses.Finish Carpentry.Historic Wood.Metal Materials.Structural Metal Framing.Metal Fabrications.Cold-Formed Metal Framing.8. ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING.Transmission and Distribution.Basic Electrical Materials and Methods.Special Systems.Lighting Design.Lighting.Plumbing Design.Building Services Piping.Plumbing Equipment.Plumbing Fixtures.Fire Protection Specialties.Residential Equipment.Elevators.9. MECHANICAL.Energy Conservation.Passive Solar.Shading.Thermal Transmission.Climate.Natural Ventilation.Energy.HVAC Systems.Active Solar.Heat Generation Equipment.Refrigeration and Heat Transfer.Indoor Air Quality.Fireplaces and Stoves.10. WINDOWS AND DOORS.Fire Rating and Security.Door and Window Openings.Wood and Plastic Doors.Specialty Doors.Windows.Skylights.Hardware.Glazing.11. THERMAL AND MOISTURE.Waterproofing and Dampproofing.Thermal Protection.Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems.Vapor Retarders.Shingles, Roof Tiles, and Roof Covering.Roofing and Siding Panels.Membrane Roofing.Sheet Metal Roofing.Flashing.Roof Specialties and Accessories.Gutters and Downspouts.Siding.12. FINISHES.Plaster and Gypsum Board.Tile.Stone Floor and Wall Coverings.Wood Flooring.Resilient Flooring.Carpet.Wall Coverings.Paints and Coatings.APPENDIX.Graphic Symbols.Mathematical Data.Metric Measurement.INDEX.

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