The mirror book : mirror sailing from start to finish


    • Aitken, Peter
    • Davison, Tim


The mirror book : mirror sailing from start to finish

Peter Aitken and Tim Davison ; with illustrations by Nikki Gately

Wiley Nautical, c2008

  • : pbk

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The Mirror is one of the UK's best-loved dinghies. This book teaches you how to sail and race one and how to get the best out of it. The Mirror dinghy is a British sailing icon and continues to evolve, keeping up with modern sailing technology and requirements. Written by the national UK Mirror Coach, this fully illustrated book covers everything you need to know including rigging, sailing theory and practice, reefing, launching and landing, capsizing, racing and transportation. It also includes four master classes which aim to get the reader to advanced racing standard. This is the only book you'll ever need to sail your Mirror. Fully illustrated with step-by-step photography. It teaches everything from the essentials of sailing theory and rigging, through faster upwind and downwind sailing, to racing tactics and how to outsmart the opposition. Written by the National Mirror Coach


Acknowledgements. Part 1: Sailing the Boat. 1. Rigging a basic boat. 2. Rigging a gaff-rigged racing boat. 3. Rigging a Bermudian boat. 4. Sailing theory. 5. A first sail. 6. Launching. 7. Reaching. 8. Beating. 9. Tacking. 10. Running. 11. Gybing. 12. Capsizing. 13. Landing. Part 2: The Spinnaker. 14. Setting up the spinnaker gear. 15. Hosting the spinnaker. 16. Trimming on a reach. 17. Trimming on a run. 18. Gybing with a self-launching pole. 19. Lowering the spinnaker. Part 3: The Elements of Racing. 20. The rules. 21. The line start. 22. The beat. 23. The reach. 24. The run. Part 4: Masterclasses. 25. Mental and physical fitness. 26. Setting up the boat for racing. 27. Boatspeed. 28. Advanced boat handling. 29. Advanced crewing. 30. Race preparation. 31. Travelling to an event. 32. Strategy. 33. Parents, coaches, be your own coach.

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