The advanced materials revolution : technology and economic growth in the age of globalization


    • Moskowitz, Sanford L.


The advanced materials revolution : technology and economic growth in the age of globalization

Sanford L. Moskowitz

Wiley, c2009

  • : cloth

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* Comprehensive investigation into the emerging advanced materials industry, addressing the ways in which science, technology, business, and markets are converging to produce one of the most dynamic industries of recent years* Examines the major groups of advanced materials and discusses the range of markets and industries to which these materials are, or are likely to be, applied* Organised thematically, with each chapter discussing a particular phase of an advanced material product's life cycle* Also includes in-depth interviews and internal documentation* Essential reading for researchers, executives, and managers working in the advanced materials and related technological fields, as well as professionals and scholars in the academic, investment, consulting, and government communities* Serves as a valuable case study textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in business, management, entrepreneurship, technology studies, chemical and materials engineering, economics, economic history, and regional and economic development


PART I: ADVANCED MATERIALS, PAST & PRESENT. Introduction: Advanced Materials in A Global World. Chapter 1: The Coming of The Advanced Materials Revolution. PART II: OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS. Chapter 2: A Great Potential - Markets and Society. Chapter 3: The Great Divide -- Advanced Materials, Productivity, and Economic Growth. Chapter 4: Facing Reality - The Risk Factor In The World Of Advanced Materials. PART III: CREATION: RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Chapter 5: Research And Development I: The American Context. Chapter 6: Research And Development Ii: The European Context. PART IV: A WIDER CONTEXT: THE SEAMLESS WEB. Chapter 7: The Seamless Web I: Corporations, Universities, Incubators and Start Ups. Chapter 8: The Seamless Web II: Signaling, Selection, and Focusing Mechanisms - SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and Venture Capital. PART V: ORGANIZING GROWTH: CLUSTERS AND GATEKEEPERS. Chapter 9: The Localization of Economic Growth: "Clustering," Synergies, And Advanced Materials. Chapter 10: The American Touch: "Gatekeepers" And Creative Clusters. Chapter 11: Conclusion - Broadening Horizons.

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