Kitesurfing : the complete guide


    • Boese, Kristin
    • Spreckels, Christian


Kitesurfing : the complete guide

Kristin Boese and Christian Spreckels ; translated by Julie Roberts

Wiley Nautical, c2008

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Originally published: Stuttgart : Pietsch, 2007

Includes bibliographical references (p. 166-167)



Leap for your life and discover the trills of kitesurfing! Written by three--time world champion and packed with over 500 photographs, this book covers first attempts at getting afloat to snapping a 360. It is the definitive guide to kitesurfing, covering both mental and physical preparation with fabulous photography showing every stage of each manoevure. Like all watersports, safety and preparation come first. The opening chapters cover weather, location, preparation of equipment, physical and mental warm--ups and signals in the water. The main body of the book introduces the reader to the basics of getting into the water and the principles of surfing on the wind: getting up, steering, turning, controlling the kite and what to do when you, inevitably, wipe out. Once the rider has mastered surfing at high speed, it's time to start having some fun, with more than 50 tricks covered in full step--by--step detail from the basic chop hop to how to ride huge waves and advanced moves like the back to blind surface pass and the unhooked downloop s--bend! The final sections of the book introduce fitness and flexibility ideas for kitesurfers and cover maintenance and repair of equipment.


Introduction Part I: Before Kiting. Safety first. Choosing your training content. Learning to kitesurf faster and better through mental imaging. a Warming upa : warm--up and activation phase before kiting. Part II: Training on the Water. Specific warm--up on the watera . Basics and tricks. Basics. Starting and riding. Turning manoeuvres. Airtime. From chop hop to bard off. Rotation jumps. Aerial turning manoeuvres. Unhooked jumps. Kiteloops. Handlepasses. Riding Waves. Part III: After Kiting is Before Kiting. a Cool downa : cooling down after training on the water. The crossover effect: using related sports disciplines. Training ashore. Concluding comments. Gear Technology and Tips. Book Team. Bibliography.

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