The exclusionary politics of asylum


The exclusionary politics of asylum

Vicki Squire

(Migration, minorities and citizenship)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 199-213) and index



This critique of the securitization and criminalization of asylum seeking challenges the claim that asylum seekers 'threaten' receiving states. It analyzes recent policy developments in relation to their wider historical, political and European contexts and argues that the UK response effectively renders asylum seekers as scapegoats.


PART I: INTRODUCING THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: THE MANAGEMENT OF DISLOCATION A Dislocated Territorial Order? Introducing the Asylum 'Problem' Challenging Managerial Operations: Developing a Discursive Theory of Securitisation PART II: THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: POLITICAL, PUBLIC AND POPULAR NARRATIVES OF CONTROL Moving to Europe: Charting the Emergence of Exclusionary Asylum Discourse Restricting Contestations: Exclusionary Narratives and the Dominance of Restriction PART III: THE EXTENSION AND DIFFUSION OF THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: DETERRENT TECHNOLOGIES OF 'INTERNAL' AND 'EXTERNAL' CONTROL Interception as Criminalisation: The Extension of Interdictive Controls Dispersal as Abjectification: The Diffusion of Punitive Controls PART IV: CONTESTING THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: FROM DETERRENCE TO ENGAGEMENT Sovereign Power, Abject Spaces and Resistance: Contending Accounts of Asylum Rethinking Asylum, Rethinking Citizenship: Moving Beyond Exclusionary Politics Conclusion Appendices Notes Bibliography

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