Parallel computing : numerics, applications, and trends


Parallel computing : numerics, applications, and trends

Roman Trobec, Marián Vajteršic, Peter Zinterhof, editors

Springer, c2009

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The use of parallel programming and architectures is essential for simulating and solving problems in modern computational practice. There has been rapid progress in microprocessor architecture, interconnection technology and software devel- ment, which are in?uencing directly the rapid growth of parallel and distributed computing. However, in order to make these bene?ts usable in practice, this dev- opment must be accompanied by progress in the design, analysis and application aspects of parallel algorithms. In particular, new approaches from parallel num- ics are important for solving complex computational problems on parallel and/or distributed systems. The contributions to this book are focused on topics most concerned in the trends of today's parallel computing. These range from parallel algorithmics, progr- ming, tools, network computing to future parallel computing. Particular attention is paid to parallel numerics: linear algebra, differential equations, numerical integ- tion, number theory and their applications in computer simulations, which together form the kernel of the monograph. We expect that the book will be of interest to scientists working on parallel computing, doctoral students, teachers, engineers and mathematicians dealing with numerical applications and computer simulations of natural phenomena.


Overview - Parallel Computing: Numerics, Applications, and Trends Marian Vajtersic, Peter Zinterhof and Roman Trobec Introduction to Parallel Computation Selim G. Akl and Marius Nagy Tools for Parallel and Distributed Computing Thomas Fahringer Grid Computing Uros Cibej, Anthony Sulistio and Rajkumar Buyya Parallel Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Jarmo Rantakokko and Michael Thune Applications and Parallel Implementation of QMC Integration Peter Jez, Andreas Uhl and Peter Zinterhof Parallel Evolutionary Computation Framework for Single- and Multiobjective Optimization Bogdan Filipic and Matjaz Depolli WaLBerla: Exploiting Massively Parallel Systems for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations Christian Feichtinger, Jan Goetz, Stefan Donath, Klaus Iglberger and Ulrich Rude Parallel Pseudo-spectral Methods for the Time Dependent Schroedinger Equation Tore Birkeland and Tor Sorevik Parallel Approaches in Molecular Dynamics Simulations Dusanka Janezic, Urban Borstnik and Matej Praprotnik Parallel Computer Simulations of Heat Transfer in Biological Tissues Roman Trobec Parallel SVD Computing in the Latent Semantic Indexing Applications for Data Retrieval Gabriel Oksa and Marian Vajtersic Short-Vector SIMD Parallelization in Signal Processing Rade Kutil Financial Applications: Parallel Portfolio Optimization Andreas Grothey The Future of Parallel Computation Selim G. Akl and Marius Nagy

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