Microeconomics : principles, applications, and tools


Microeconomics : principles, applications, and tools

Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven M. Sheffrin, Stephen J. Perez

Prentice Hall, c2010

6th ed

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For Principles of Microeconomics courses. Questions that drive interest, applications that illustrate concepts, and the tools to test and solidify comprehension. Students come into their first Economics course thinking they will gain a better understanding of the economy around them. Unfortunately, they often leave with many unanswered questions. To ensure students actively internalize economics, O'Sullivan/Sheffrin/Perez use chapter-opening questions to spark interest on important economic concepts, applications that vividly illustrate those concepts, and chapter-ending tools that test and solidify understanding.


PART 1: Introduction and Key Principles Ch 1: Introduction: What is Economics?Appendix: Using Graphs & PercentagesCh 2: Key Principles of EconomicsCh 3: Exchange and MarketsCh 4: Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium Part 2: A Closer Look at Demand and Supply Ch 5: Elasticity: A Measure of ResponsivenessCh 6: Market Efficiency and Government InterventionCh 7: Consumer Choice Using Utility TheoryAppendix: Consumer Choice with Indifference CurvesPart 3: Market Structures and Pricing Ch 8: Production Technology and CostCh 9: Perfect Competition: Short Run and Long RunCh 10: Monopoly and Price DiscriminationCh 11: Market Entry and Monopolistic CompetitionCh 12: Oligopoly and Strategic BehaviorCh 13: Controlling Market Power: Antitrust and RegulationPart 4: Externalities and Information Ch 14: Imperfect Information: Adverse Selection and Moral HazardCh 15: Public Goods and Public ChoiceCh 16: External Costs and Environmental PolicyPart 5: The Labor Market and Income DistributionCh 17: The Labor Market, Income, and PovertyCh 18: Unions, Monopsony, and Imperfect Information Part 6: The International EconomyCh 19: International Trade and Public Policy

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