Redfern and Hunter on international arbitration


    • Blackaby, Nigel


Redfern and Hunter on international arbitration

Nigel Blackaby ... [et al.]

Oxford University Press, 2009

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Previous ed.: published as "Law and practice of international commercial arbitration" by Alan Redfern and Martin Hunter. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2004

Includes index



Since it was first published in 1986, Redfern & Hunter's commentary on international commercial arbitration has been widely hailed as the leading text on the subject, and essential reading for lawyers and arbitrators around the world. Based on the four authors' extensive personal experience as counsel and arbitrators, this fifth edition provides a newly updated explanation of every element of the law and practice of international arbitration. With a focus on the practice as well as the theory of international arbitration, this text provides an invaluable guide to the international arbitral process, from the drafting of the arbitration agreement to the enforcement of arbitral awards. The fifth edition updates this classic text to incorporate reference to all of the latest significant developments in the field and provides a fuller treatment of investment treaty arbitration, and international arbitration beyond the UK and Europe. In particular, the fifth edition contains substantially increased coverage of the law and practice of international arbitration in the United States, Latin America, China and India. Following the chronology of an arbitration, the book covers applicable laws, arbitration agreements, the establishment and powers of a tribunal, the conduct of proceedings and the role of domestic courts. In addition, it provides an in-depth examination of the award itself (including the challenge, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards), and comments on the special considerations applying to arbitrations brought under investment treaties. It draws on examples of the rules and practice of arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce, the London Court of International Arbitration, the American Arbitration Association, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Each of the book's editions has built on the strengths of its predecessor, achieved widespread acclaim and been variously reviewed as "one of the most authoritative in its field", "an excellent book - comprehensive, lucid, stylish and challenging", and "a practitioner's book of real quality and practical value, well organised and readably and clearly written". This latest edition reinforces and strengthens the book's standing as the authoritative guide to international commercial arbitration.


  • 1. An Overview of International Arbitration
  • 2. The Agreement to Arbitrate
  • 3. Applicable Laws
  • 4. The Establishment and Organisation of an Arbitral Tribunal
  • 5. Powers, Duties, and Jurisdiction of an Arbitral Tribunal
  • 6. Conduct of the Proceedings
  • 7. The Role of National Courts during the Proceedings
  • 8. Arbitration under Investment Treaties
  • 9. The Award
  • 10. Challenge of Arbitral Awards
  • 11. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • Appendices

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