Strategy and security in the Asia-Pacific



Strategy and security in the Asia-Pacific

edited by Robert Ayson and Desmond Ball

Allen & Unwin, 2006

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 319-329) and index



From the war on terror to the rise of China, this book unlocks the major strategic themes and security challenges of the early twenty-first century. Strategy and Security in the Asia-Pacific provides the analytical frameworks needed to make sense of this complex but exciting strategic universe. Offering a unique mix of global strategic thinking and Asia-Pacific security analysis, this book is for readers from Sydney to Seoul who want to put their own local security challenges in a wider regional and global context. It is also for North American and European readers requiring an understanding of the dynamic security developments in the Asia-Pacific region around which so much of global strategy is increasingly based. The really vital questions facing the international community are dealt with here: Why do governments and groups still use armed force? Has warfare really changed in the information age? Why should we be concerned about non-traditional security challenges such as water shortages and the spread of infectious disease? Is a great clash imminent between the United States and China? What are the prospects for peace on the Korean peninsula and between India and Pakistan? Can Southeast Asia survive the challenges of transnational terrorism? What does security mean for the Pacific island countries and for Australia and New Zealand? With contributions from leading commentators and analysts, Strategy and Security in the Asia-Pacific offers a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the field.


Part One: Strategy and Security Today1. Studying Strategy Today (Hugh White)2. Concepts for Strategy and Security (Robert Ayson)3. The International System and Changing Strategic Norms (Coral Bell)4. Contemporary Military Operations (Michael Evans)5. Defence Transformation (David Connery and Alan Stephens)6. Terrorism (Clive Williams)7. Weapons of Mass Destruction? (Christian Enemark) 8. Transnational Security (Alan Dupont)9. Human Security and Intervention (Ramesh Thakur)10. Economics and Security (Brendan Taylor and Bruce Luckham)11. Critical Approaches to Security and Strategy (Anthony Burke)Part Two: Asia-Pacific Strategic and Security Issues12. America and the Asia-Pacific Region (Paul Dibb)13. Northeast Asian Security Challenges (Ron Huisken) 14. Southeast Asian Security Challenges (David Wright-Neville)15. South Asian Security Challenges (Sandy Gordon

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