Information systems outsourcing : enduring themes, global challenges, and process opportunities


Information systems outsourcing : enduring themes, global challenges, and process opportunities

Rudy Hirschheim, Armin Heinzl, Jens Dibbern, editors

Springer, c2009

3rd ed

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Three years have passed since the second edition of this book was published. The field of IT outsourcing continues to grow in practice as well as in academia and draws further attention in both domains. Aspects of traditional outsourcing (Part II) have remained pronounced but are becoming more mature. While o- sourcing determinants are still important, they are now of less interest to researchers. Relationship management (Chap. 1) and capability management (Chap. 2) continue to be of interest; so too are outsourcing outcomes (Chap. 3) and, as a new focus, innovation aspects (Chap. 4). These are motivating more and more research activities, complementing the lifecycle of traditional o- sourcing. We note significant growth in the field of IT offshoring (Part II). In our third edition, we offer research results on offshoring patterns and trends (Chap. 5), the crucial aspect of knowledge sharing (Chap. 6), vibrant examples for offshoring dynamics (Chap. 7), and some new contributions on the deter- nants of offshoring success (Chap. 8). The last part of our book investigates the field of business process outsourcing (Part III). In this section, issues such as standardization, process outsourcing to India and deinstitutionalization patterns in the health-care sector are presented. Given these new subjects, we believe that Enduring Themes, Global Challenges, and Process Opportunities is an appropriate subtitle for this third edition of the monograph. Again, we have thoughtfully compiled contem- rary outsourcing research as a primer and a platform for scientific discourse.


Overview.- Outsourcing in a Global Economy: Traditional Information Technology Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing, and Business Process Outsourcing.- Traditional IT Outsourcing.- Promoting Trust and Relationship Commitment through Service Level Agreements in IT Outsourcing Relationship.- Exploring the Role of Initial Trust, Initial Distrust, and Trust through Knowledge Sharing in IT Outsourcing: From a Service Receiver's Perspective.- Building and Integrating Core IT Capabilities in Alignment with the Business: Lessons from the Commonwealth Bank 1997-2007.- Information Technology Workforce Skills: The Software and IT Services Provider Perspective.- Is There an "Information Technology Outsourcing Paradox"?.- A Story of IT Outsourcing from Early Experience to Maturity.- Strategic Dependence on the IT Resource and Outsourcing: A Test of the Strategic Control Model.- The Effects of Outsourcing Announcements on Market Values of Swiss Firms: An Event Study.- Firm Strategic Profile and IT Outsourcing.- In Context Outsourcing: Between Solution Making and Context Making.- Reaching Across Organizational Boundaries for New Ideas: Innovation from IT Outsourcing Vendors.- IT Offshoring.- Offshoring and Outsourcing in the PC Industry: A Historical Perspective.- The State of IS Research on Offshoring.- Transactive Memory and the Transfer of Knowledge between Onsite and Offshore IT Outsourcing Teams.- Global Sourcing in a Developing Country Context: Organizing IS Resources to Develop Local Knowledge.- Pulling Offshore and Staying Onshore: A Framework for Analysis of Offshoring Dynamics.- Turnover Intentions of Indian IS Professionals.- Relocating Routines: The Role of Improvisation in Offshore Implementation of Software Processes.- A US Client's Learning from Outsourcing IT Work Offshore.- The Impact of Cultural Differences in Offshore Outsourcing: Case Study Results from German-Indian Application Development Projects.- Determinants of Service Quality in Offshore Software Development Outsourcing.- Business Process Outsourcing.- The Impact of Process Standardization on Business Process Outsourcing Success.- Offshore Business Process Outsourcing to India: Two Australian SME Case Studies.- From Professional Dominance to Market Mechanisms: Deinstitutionalization in the Organizational Field of Health Care.

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