Romance languages and linguistic theory 2006 : selected papers from 'Going Romance', Amsterdam, 7-9 December 2006



Romance languages and linguistic theory 2006 : selected papers from 'Going Romance', Amsterdam, 7-9 December 2006

edited by Danièle Torck, W. Leo Wetzels

(Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science, ser. 4 . Current issues in linguistic theory ; v. 303)

John Benjamins Publishing, c2009


Romance languages and linguistic theory 2006 : selected papers from "Going Romance", Amsterdam, 7-9 December 2006

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Includes bibliographies and index



The annual conference series `Going Romance' has developed into a major European discussion forum where ideas about language and linguistics and about Romance languages in particular are put in an inter-active perspective, giving room to both universality and Romance-internal variation. The current volume contains a selection of the papers that were presented at the 20th Going Romance conference, held at the VU University in Amsterdam in December 2006. The papers in the volume deal with current issues in phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, and range across a variety of Romance languages.


  • 1. Foreword
  • 2. Unpronounced MUCH and the distribution of degree expressions in Spanish (by Androutsopoulou, Antonia)
  • 3. The status of the (supposed) expletive in Brazilian Portuguese existential clauses (by Ornelas de Avelar, Juanito)
  • 4. On the linearization of adjectives in Romanian (by Cornilescu, Alexandra)
  • 5. Prepositionless genitive and N+N compounding in (Old) French and Italian (by Delfitto, Denis)
  • 6. Vowel elision in spoken Italian (by Garrapa, Luigia)
  • 7. Acoustic correlates of phonological microvariations: The case of unsuspected micro-parametric metaphonetic processes in a small area of Southern Salento (Apulia) (by Grimaldi, Mirko)
  • 8. Romance lenition: Towards a formal account of a contrast maintaining phonetically motivated sound change (by Jacobs, Haike)
  • 9. Main stress in Italian nonce nouns (by Kramer, Martin)
  • 10. Negative concord as feature sharing (by Kuno, Masakazu)
  • 11. Appositive sentences and the structure(s) of coordination (by Matos, Maria Gabriela Ardisson Pereira de)
  • 12. Cleaving the interactions between sluicing and P-stranding (by Rodrigues, Cilene)
  • 13. Another look at wh-questions in Romance: The case of Mendrisiottoand its consequences for the analysis of French wh-in situ and embedded interrogatives (by Poletto, Cecilia)
  • 14. Index of subjects and terms

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