Fundamentals of environmental chemistry


Fundamentals of environmental chemistry

Stanley E. Manahan

CRC Press, c2009

3rd ed

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The latest edition of a bestseller, this text expands its scope to explore the emerging area that is broadly described as sustainability science and technology, which includes green chemistry and industrial ecology. It is designed for those who have little or no knowledge of chemistry, but who need the basics of chemical science for their course of study or profession. The author takes an applied approach to the material and illustrates it with many real-world examples. The coverage includes topics such as global warming and biomass energy, and is organized around five environmental spheres: the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and anthrosphere.


Introduction to Chemistry and Green Chemistry Matter and Materials Atoms and Elements Chemical Bonds, Molecules, and Compounds Chemical Reactions, Equations, and Stoichiometry Acids, Bases, and Salts Solutions and Solvents Chemistry and Electricity Organic Chemistry Biological Chemistry Water and the Hydrosphere Environmental Chemistry and Pollution of the Hydrosphere Sustaining the Hydrosphere: Keeping Water Green The Atmosphere: A Protective Blanket Around Us Atmospheric Chemistry Blue Skies for a Green Earth The Geosphere and Geochemistry Soil, Agriculture, and Food Production Sustaining the Geosphere The Biosphere and Biospeheric Resource Toxicological Chemistry The Anthrosphere and Technology Green Chemistry and Industrial Ecology The Anthrosphere and Wastes Green Chemistry and Industrial Ecology in Waste Management Sustainable Energy: The Key to Everything Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Environmental and Xenobiotics Analysis Literature Cited Supplementary References Questions and Problems Index

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