The SAGE handbook of marketing theory


The SAGE handbook of marketing theory

edited by Pauline Maclaran ... [et al.]

SAGE, 2009, c2010

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Handbook of marketing theory

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Other editors: Michael Saren, Barbara Stern, and Mark Tadajewski

Includes bibliographical references and index



Bringing together the latest debates concerning the development of marketing theory, featuring original contributions from a selection of leading international authors, this collection aims to give greater conceptual cohesion to the field, by drawing together the many disparate perspectives and presenting them in one volume. The contributors are all leading international scholars, chosen to represent the intellectual diversity within marketing theory. Divided into six parts, the Handbook covers the historical development of marketing theory; its philosophical underpinnings; major theoretical debates; the impact of theory on representations of the consumer; the impact of theory on representations of the marketing organisation and contemporary issues in marketing theory.


Introduction - Pauline Maclaran et alPART ONE: HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF MARKETING THEORYThe Early Schools of Marketing Thought - Eric H Shaw, D G Brian Jones and Paula A McClean The Modern Schools of Marketing Thought - D G Brian Jones, Eric H Shaw and Paula A McCleanThe Emergence of Consumer Research - Harold Kassarjian and Ronald C GoodsteinThe Evolution of Market Research - David W StewartTheorizing Advertising - Chris Hackley Managerial, Scientific and Cultural ApproachesPART TWO: PHILOSOPHICAL UNDERPINNINGS OF THEORYThe Philosophical Foundations of Marketing Research - Shelby D Hunt and Jared M Hansen For Scientific Realism and TruthCritical Marketing - A Fuat Firat and Mark Tadajewski Marketing in Critical ConditionThe Marketing Theory or Theories into Marketing - Kristian Mo[um]ller, Jacqueline Pels and Michael Saren Plurality of Research Traditions and ParadigmsDebates Concerning the Scientific Method - John O'Shaughnessy Social Science Theory and the Philosophy of Science PART THREE: MAJOR THEORETICAL DEBATESShaping Exchanges, Performing Markets - Luis Araujo and Hans Kjellberg The Study of Marketing PracticesA Service-Dominant Logic for Marketing - Stephen L Vargo and Robert F LuschMarket Ideology, Globalization and Neoliberalism - Robin Wensley The Evolution of Marketing Thought - Richard P Bagozzi From Economic to Social Exchange and BeyondMetaphorical Myopia: Some Thoughts on Analogical Thinking - Stephen Brown PART FOUR: THE IMPACT OF THEORY ON REPRESENTATION OF THE CONSUMERRepresenting Global Consumers: Desire, Possession, and Identity - Russell W BelkConsumer Behavior Analysis - Gordon R FoxallConsumer Agency and Action - Richard P BagozziCultural Influences on Representations of the Consumer in Marketing Theory - Pauline Maclaran, Margaret Hogg and Alan BradshawPART FIVE: IMPACT OF THEORY ON REPRESENTATIONS OF THE MARKETING ORGANIZATIONInteraction in Networks - Lars-Erik Gadde and Hakan HakanssonA Configuration Perspective of the Marketing Organization - Roderick J Brodie, Vicki Little and Richard W Brookes Orientation and Marketing Metrics - Jonathan Knowles and Tim AmblerRelationship Marketing as Promise Management - Christian Gro[um]nroos PART SIX: CONTEMPORARY AND FUTURE ISSUES IN MARKETING THEORYMarketing Systems, Macromarketing and the Quality of Life - Roger A Layton The Role of Marketing in Ancient and Contemporary Cultural Evolution - Elizabeth C HirschmanThe Darwinian Underpinnings of Consumption - Gad Saad The Linking Value in Experiential Marketing - Bernard Cova and Daniele Dalli Acknowledging the Role of Working ConsumersTechnology, Consumers and Marketing Theory - Nikhilesh Dholakia, Detlev Zwick and Janice Denegri-Knott

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