Beyond borders : a global perspective of Jesuit mission history


Beyond borders : a global perspective of Jesuit mission history

edited by Shinzo Kawamura, Cyril Veliath

Sophia University Press, 2009

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes





  • One The Age of Great Discoveries and the Process of Cultural Hybridization(Across and between Cultures in Asia,1500‐1700;Europeans and Asians in Contact:An Approach ほか)
  • Two Mise‐en‐sc`ene of Mission History(Doors to Asia: Connected Histories and Early Modern Encounters;Inter‐Religious Dialogue between Jesuits and Non‐christians in India:Their Successes and Failures ほか)
  • Three Issues of the Jesuit Mission in the Local Perspective(Orthodoxy and Unity:The Jesuit Mission and Encounter with the Saint Thomas Christians in Kerala;The Jesuit Mission in Northern Ethiopia:With Special Reference to Its Relationship to Literacy ほか)
  • Four Religious Dialogue Perspective(The Spiritual Exercises and Jesuit Missionaries:The Case of Francis Xavier and Japan;The Jesuit‐Muslim Encounter in India ほか)
  • Five Language Policy Perspective(The Contribution of the Jesuits to Education and the Konknni Language in Goa(1542‐1759);Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Konkani Studies by the Jesuits—The Christian Doctrine by Thomas Stephens and the Konkani‐Portuguese Dictionary Manuscripts by Diogo Ribeiro and His Contemporaries ほか)

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