Ernsting's aviation medicine


    • Rainford, D. (David)
    • Gradwell, David P.


Ernsting's aviation medicine

David J. Rainford, David P. Gradwell

Hodder Arnold, 2006

4th ed

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Rev. ed. of: Aviation medicine / edited by John Ernsting, A.N. Nicholson, D.J. Rainford. 3rd ed. 1999

Includes bibliographical references and index



Ernsting's Aviation Medicine applies current understanding in medicine, physiology and the behavioural sciences to the stresses faced by both civil and military aircrew on a daily basis. The fourth edition of this established textbook has been revised and updated by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced contributors, and includes new chapters on aeromedical evacuation, commercial passenger fitness to fly, transport aircraft and passenger safety cosmic radiation, and naval air operations. It remains the recommended textbook for those studying for the Diploma in Aviation Medicine of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, recognized worldwide as a standard in the field, and for similar overseas qualifications. This is an essential text for all civil or military aviation medicine practitioners, both when preparing for professional examinations and in daily practice, and for those in the many disciplines of the behavioural and life sciences that include some study of aviation, its physiology and related issues. It is also recommended reading for those with a wider interest in the medical problems of professional or recreational flying, air transport and the aviation industry.


1. Physics of the Atmosphere D Gradwell 2. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology J Ernsting, O Rutherford, J Ward 3. Hypoxia and Hyperventilation D Gradwell 4. Protection against hypoxia D Gradwell 5. Oxygen equipment and pressure clothing D Gradwell 6. Principles of the pressure cabin and the effects of pressure change on gas-filled body cavities AJF Macmillan 7. Sub-atmospheric decompression sickness AJF Macmillan 8. The effects of long-duration acceleration NDC Green 9. Protection against long-duration acceleration NDC Green 10. Short duration acceleration M Lewis 11. Head injury and protection M Lewis 12. Human physiology in the thermal environment M Tipton 13. Thermal Stress and survival M Tipton 14. Vibration R. Stott 15. Aircrew Equipment Integration AJF Macmillan 16. Physiology of sleep and wakefulness J Caldwell & L Caldwell 17. Vision and Optics P Wright 18. Orientation in flight AJ Benson 19. Aircrew: Selection and Training C Elton 20. Crew Resource Management E Farmer 21. Air Traffic Control and the Air Traffic Controller SBaker & S Stork 22. Error and reporting systems J Chappelow 23. The flight deck and cockpit M Bagshaw 24. Restraint and escape from military aircraft A Hepper 25. In-flight Communication G Rood 26. Noise G Rood 27. Aircrew and cosmic radiation D OaEURO (TM)Sullivan & D Zhou 28.Spatial disorientation in flight A.J Benson & R Stott 29. Motion and Motion Sickness AJ Benson & R Stott 30. Transport aircraft and passenger safety H Muir 31. Aeromedical evacuation operational issues N McGuire 32. Accident investigation I Hill & A Cullen 33. Aviation Pathology and Toxicology A Cullen & I Hill 34. Aircraft Hygiene M Kelly & S Mooney 35. Naval carrier air operations A Baker & M Groom 36. International Regulation of Medical Standards T Evans 37. Cardiovascular Disease M Joy 38. Hypertensive Disease T Batchelor 39. Respiratory Disease G Davies 40. Gastrointestinal Disease T Laundy 41. Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders R Johnston 42. Renal Disease D Rainford 43. Haematology P Giangrande 44. Malignant Disease S Evans 45. Neurological Disease B Merry 46. Ophthalmology R Scott 47. Otorhinolaryngology S Caldera & j Skipper 48. Psychiatry G Reid 49. Orthopaedics I Sargeant 50. Clinical Management of Decompression Illness J Risdall 51. Medication and Aircrew T Batchelor 52. Fatigue countermeasures J Caldwell & L Caldwell 53. The Ageing Pilot J Cooke 54. The commercial passenger - fitness to fly M Bagshaw 55. International Travel & Disease A Green & M Connor 56. Air Transportation and the Sick Patient-Medical Aspects B Coker 57. Aeromedical evacuation of the critically ill patient N McGuire

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