Changing contours of domestic life, family and law : caring and sharing



Changing contours of domestic life, family and law : caring and sharing

edited by Anne Bottomley and Simone Wong

(Oñati international series in law and society)

Hart, 2009

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Drawing from a wide range of material and socio-legal methods, this collection brings together original essays, written by internationally renowned scholars, investigating emerging patterns in the shape and form of the legal regulation of domestic relations. Taking as a focus the theme of 'caring and sharing', the collection includes chapters which reflect on the changing contours of what we think of as 'domestic relations'; the impact which legal recognition carries in making visible some relationships rather than others; the potential for normative values carried within patterns of legal recognition and regulation; intersections between private law and public policy; the role of private law in the allocation of responsibility and privilege; the differential impact of seemingly progressive policies on economically vulnerable or socially marginal groupings; tensions between family law models and models carried within other fields of private law; and, unusually, architectures in law and the built environment designed to facilitate broader accounts of domestic relationships. This thoughtful, provocative and wide-ranging collection will be a must for anyone, whatever their discipline background, interested in the insights and potential offered by a fresh engagement with the complexity of domestic relations and the law. Authors: Anne Barlow, Anne Bottomley, Susan Boyd and Cindy Baldassi, Alison Diduck, Susan Scott-Hunt, Nan Seuffert, Carol Smart, Simone Wong and Claire Young.


Introduction Changing Contours of Domestic Life, Family and Law: Caring and Sharing ANNE BOTTOMLEY AND SIMONE WONG 2 Making Kin: Relationality and Law CAROL SMART Part I Property Division in Couple Relationships 3 Property and Couple Relationships: What Does Community of Property Have to Offer English Law? ANNE BARLOW 4 Caring and Sharing: Interdependency as a Basis for Property Redistribution? SIMONE WONG Part II What Is Fair and to Whom? 5 Relationship Fairness ALISON DIDUCK 6 Taking Spousal Status into Account for Tax Purposes: The Pitfalls and Penalties CLAIRE FL YOUNG Part III Heteronormativity and Marriage Fundamentalism 7 Marriage or Naught? Marriage and Unmarried Cohabitation in Canada SUSAN B BOYD AND CINDY L BALDASSI 8 Same-Sex Immigration: Domestication and Homonormativity NAN SEUFFERT Part IV Pushing at the Contours of Domestic Relationships 9 'They shall be simple in their homes ...': The Many Dimensions of the Idea and Practices of Co-operative Housing ANNE BOTTOMLEY 10 Intentional Communities and Care-giving: Co-Housing Possibilities SUSAN SCOTT HUNT

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