Ethnocultural perspectives on disaster and trauma : foundations, issues, and applications


Ethnocultural perspectives on disaster and trauma : foundations, issues, and applications

edited by Anthony J. Marsella ... [et al.]

(International and cultural psychology series / series editor, Anthony J. Marsella)

Springer, c2008

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In this pioneering volume, experts in individual and collective trauma experience, post-traumatic stress and related syndromes, and emergency and crisis intervention share their knowledge and insights into working with ethnic and racial minority communities during disasters. In each chapter, emotional, psychological, and social needs as well as communal strengths and coping skills that arise in disasters are documented.


Background and Foundations.- Essential Concepts and Foundations.- Promoting Disaster Recovery in Ethnic-Minority Individuals and Communities.- Ethnocultural and Racial Group Considerations.- Meeting the Physical, Psychological, and Social Needs of African Americans Following a Disaster.- Essential Information for Disaster Management and Trauma Specialists Working with American Indians.- Arab Americans: Understanding Their Challenges, Needs, and Struggles.- Asian Indians: Cultural Considerations for Disaster Workers.- Caribbean Blacks: (Haitiains, Jamaicans, Virgin Islanders, Eastern Caribbean) Responses to Disasters in Cultural Context.- Chinese Americans: Guidelines for Disaster Mental Health Workers.- The Kanaka Maoli:Native Hawaiians and heir Testimony of Trauma and Resilience.- Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Caribbean, and Other Latin Americans.- Working with Vietnamese Americans in Disasters.- Culture, Trauma, and the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Syndromes: A Global Perspective.

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