Business process management of Japanese and Korean companies



Business process management of Japanese and Korean companies

editors, Gunyung Lee ... [et al.]

(Monden Institute of Management, Japanese management and international studies, v. 5)

World Scientific, c2010

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Today's business environment is characterized by hypercompetition and the development of the Internet. Fierce competition between suppliers and the availability of abundant information have caused a shift in bargaining power from producers/suppliers to buyers and consumers. Consequently, Business Process Management (BPM) - i.e. management tool to optimize and control operations flows by viewing the transactions within and outside corporations as processes, with the focus on speedily meeting customers' needs - has emerged as a popular management framework.However, recent research on BPM has put too much emphasis on information sharing and the visualization of business processes using IT innovations. This book argues that BPM must be linked with existing management tools. Based on survey results of Japanese and Korean companies' BPM practices, the book demonstrates how to build BPM as a holistic management model by addressing the importance of BPM views, the effectiveness of its approach, and the latest research trends.


  • Theory and Framework of BPM: The Framework of Japanese BPM (G Lee)
  • Collaboration between BPM and Business Management Information (R Uematsu)
  • Case Studies of BPM in Japanese and Korean Companies: BPM Practices in a Korean Company: A Case Study of LG Electronics Co Ltd (G Lee)
  • BPM Practices in a Japanese Company: A Case Study of Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co Ltd (M Kosuga)
  • Empirical Studies of BPM in Japanese and Korean Companies: Actual Condition of Business Process Management in Japanese and Korean Companies: Survey Model and Positive Analysis (K Sakate & N Yamaguchi)
  • Comparison between Japanese and Korean Companies Based on the Viewpoint of Balanced Score Card (Y Nagasaka)
  • and other papers.

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