Design of heterogeneous catalysts : new approaches based on synthesis, characterization and modeling


    • Ozkan, Umit S.


Design of heterogeneous catalysts : new approaches based on synthesis, characterization and modeling

edited by Umit S. Ozkan

Wiley-VCH, c2009

  • : hbk.

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This long-awaited reference source is the first book to focus on this important and hot topic. As such, it provides examples from a wide array of fields where catalyst design has been based on new insights and understanding, presenting such modern and important topics as self-assembly, nature-inspired catalysis, nano-scale architecture of surfaces and theoretical methods. With its inclusion of all the useful and powerful tools for the rational design of catalysts, this is a true "must have" book for every researcher in the field.


USE OF OXIDE LIGANDS IN DESIGNING CATALYTIC ACTIVE SITES Introduction Molecular Structural Determination of Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts with In Situ Raman Spectroscopy Characterization of AlOx, TiOx, and ZrOx Surface-Modified SiO2 Anchoring Site of Surface M1Ox species on Supported M2Ox/SiO2 Molecular Structure of Dehydrated Supported V2O5/SiO2 and V2O5/M2Ox/SiO2 Catalyst Systems Molecular Structure of Dehydrated Supported M0O3/SiO2 and M0O3/M2Ox/SiO2 Catalyst Systems Molecular Structure of Dehydrated Supported Re2O7/SiO2 and Re2O7/M2Ox/SiO2 Catalyst Systems Electronic Structure of Dehydrated Supported MOx/SiO2 and M1Ox/M2Ox/SiO2 Catalysts via In Situ UV-Vis Spectroscopy Determination of Surface Kinetic Parameters Redox Surface Reactivity of Model Supported M1Ox/SiO2 Catalysts Redox Surface Reactivity of Supported M1Ox/M2Ox/SiO2 Catalysts OPTIMAL DESIGN OF HIERARCHICALLY STRUCTURED POROUS CATALYSTS Introduction Optimizing Mesopore Connectivity and Shape Optimizing Catalysts by Macroscopic Distributions in Activity Optimal Design of the Highway Network USE OF DENDRIMERS IN CATALYST DESIGN Introduction Modified Dendrimer Catalysts Indirect Effects of Dendrimer Architecture Catalysis by Dendrimer Encapsulated Nanoparticles Dendrimer Templated Nanocages RATIONAL DESIGN STRATEGIES FOR INDUSTRIAL CATALYSTS Introduction The First Stages Toward Commercialization of a Catalyst Catalyst Discovery to Commercialization Example 1: Automobile Pollution Abatement Catalyst System Example 2: Dehydrogenation of Light Alkanes Example 3: Petroleum Refining - Fluid Catalytic Cracking CHIRAL MODIFICATION OF CATALYTIC SURFACES Introduction Modification of Metal Surfaces by Cinchona Alkaloid and Related Compounds Modification of Metal Surfaces by Tartaric Acid and Related Compounds CATALYTIC NANOMOTORS Introduction The Propulsion Mechanism of Catalytic Nanomotors Advanced Design of Catalytic Nanomotors Applications, Challenges, and Perspectives RATIONAL DESIGN AND HIGH-THOUGHPUT SCREENING OF METAL OPEN FRAMEWORKS FOR GAS SEPARATION ND CATALYSIS Introduction MOF General Features and Brief State of the Art Combinatorial Design of MOF for CO2 Capture in a PSA Process MOF Design for Catalytic Application DESIGN OF BIMETALLIC CATALYSTS: FROM MODEL SURFACES TO SUPPORTED CATALYSTS Introduction Experimental and Theoretical Methods Results and Discussion SELF-ASSEMBLED MATERIALS FOR CATALYSIS Introduction Mesoscale Design Designing Catalysts at the Nanoparticle Surfaces THEORY-AIDED CATALYST DESIGN Introduction Catalytic Descriptors High-Throughput Simulation and Design Controlled-Patterning Catalyst Synthesis and Stability USE OF IN SITU XAS TECHNIQUES FOR CATALYSTS? CHARACTERIZATION AND DESIGN Introduction The X-Ray Absorption Techniques Recent Applications of X-Ray Absorption Techniques to the Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts Perspective CATALYST DESIGN THROUGH DUAL TEMPLATING Introduction Surfactant-Assisted Self-Assembly by Mesoporous Metal Oxides Colloidal Sphere Templating of Macroporous Metal Oxides Dual Templating of Metal Oxides Catalytic Applications

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