Eco-materials processing and design X : selected peer reviewed papers from 10th International Symposium on Eco-Materials Processing and Design, ISEPD, Xian, China, January 13-15, 2009


Eco-materials processing and design X : selected peer reviewed papers from 10th International Symposium on Eco-Materials Processing and Design, ISEPD, Xian, China, January 13-15, 2009

edited by Hyungsun Kim ... [et al.]

(Materials science forum, v. 620-622)

Trans Tech Publications, c2009


Eco-materials processing and design 10

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The aim of this special volume is to give an overview of the historical background and present status of eco-materials processing and design for materials research, and to foresee future trends in the field. Serious global and environmental problems have led the materials manufacturing industries to monitor closely the formation and accumulation of carbon dioxide and other deleterious gases in the atmosphere, as well to reduce raw materials use and energy consumption and limit other factors which reflect the environmental impact of the industry. Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Utilization of Gneiss in Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Preparation of Sb:F:SnO2 Films and their Application in Low-E Glass Evaluations of Hydrogen Properties on MgHx-Nb2O5 Composite by Mechanical Alloying Fabrications and Evaluations of Hydrogen Permeation on TiN-5wt%Ni Membrane by Spark Plasma Sintering Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Performance of Li2Mn0.7Fe0.3SiO4 Prepared from Solid-state Reaction Ironmaking Process Parameter Analysis and Optimization for the Blast Furnace Evaluations of Hydrogen Permeation on -Al2O3 Synthesized by Sol-Gel Process Porous TiO2 Layer Encapsulated Silicon as the Anode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries Effect of SiC on Microstructures and Properties of Cordierite-Mullite Multiphase Ceramics Material Development of an Automated Design System for Oil Pumps with Multiple Profiles (Circle, Ellipse and Involute) Electrochemical Properties of LiFePO4/C Composite Improved by High Energy Milling Research of BOF Protection Technology by Slag Splashing Study on Transition Characteristics of Poly(Ethylene Glycol)/ Selected Fatty Acids Phase Change Materials Preparation and Microstructural Characterization of Al2O3/ZrO2 Nanocomposites to Use in the Femoral Head of Hip Replacement Effects of Atomizing Gas on Microstructural Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Spray Formed High Si Steels Binder-Free Pellet Fabrication of Ultra-Fine Poly-Si Powder for Economical Production of Solar Grade Si Ingot Influence of Different Interlayers Metals on Properties of Diffusion Bonding Joint of Tungsten to Copper Micro Mechanical Property Measurement of Nickel (99.9%) Thin Film Using Vision Strain Measuring Method Preparation and Characterization of Sulfonated Poly(ether Sulfone) Using 4,4-Bis(4-Hydroxylphenyl)valeric Acid for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Application Effects of Flow Characteristics in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Estimation of Energy Requirements and Atmospheric Emission in Continuous Casting Process for Al Wire Synthesis and Microstructural Control of In2O3(ZnO)3 Layered Compound by Microwave-Heating Eco-Friendly Grain Refinement for A3003 Alloy Studies on Filming of Corn Starch Analysis of the Grain Orientation and Texture of Friction Stir Welded Magnesium Alloy Densification of Alumina Powder by Using PECS Process with Different Pulse Electric Current Waveforms Experimental Study of Non-Sintering Block for Reducing Surface Temperature Using Recycling Bottom Ash Microstructures and Electrical Properties of Random-Oriented (Bi,La)4Ti3O12 Thin Film Deposited by Pulsed-DC Sputtering Method A Method of Preparing Grinding Medium of White and High Performances Using Natural Bauxite Ore Lignin-Quaternary Adsorbent: Synthesis, Characterization and Application for 2, 4, 6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) Adsorption Synthesis of Ca-Al-Si-O Compounds from Local Wastes Removal of Particles and Dissolved Metals in Motorway Runoff by Filtration and Adsorption Using the Expanded Polypropylene Media Development of Eco-Debinding Process Using Supercritical Extraction of Low Molecular Organic Binders in Ceramic Bodies with Nano-Sized Capillary Structure Thermoplastic Modification to Konjac Glucomannan with Methyl Acrylate Reinforcement Design of Poplar Glulam The Optimum Design of Production Technology of the Poplar LVL Synthesis of Magnetite Nano-Particles and Powder Activated Carbon as a Novel Material for Water Treatment Development of Non-SF6 Strip Casting Process for Mg Alloys The Influence of Sn Addition on the Corrosion Behavior of Mg-5Al-1Zn Alloy Reliability Analysis of the Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber Effect of Nitrogen Content on the Hot Ductility during Hot Deformation of Stainless Steels Effect of Warm Processing Parameters on the Precipitation of '-Phase in 2205 Duplex Stainless Steels Effect of Calcium on Solidification Behavior of Mg-Sn Based Alloys A Study on the Formability of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Sheet with Experiment and Simulation In Situ Fracture Behavior of AZ51 and AZT513 Alloy Evaluation on Solar Heat Reflective Coatings to Reduce Asphalt Concrete Temperature Eco-Fabrication of Metal Nanoparticle Related Materials by Home Electric Appliances Research on Crosslinking of Polylactide Using Low Concentration of Dicumyl Peroxide Sodium Lignosulphonate-Polyvinyl Alcohol Bioadsorbent: Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorption for Pb (II) Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Etherified Konjac Glucomannan Development of Environmental-Friendly Water-Retentive Asphalt and its Characteristics Field Applications of Urban Non-Point Source Pollutant Reducing Treatment System with the Expanded Polypropylene(EPP) Media for Treating PAHs from Road Runoff Effects of Pair-Mineralizer on Burnability of Clinker and Formation of Mineral Effect of Final Annealing Temperature on Antibacterial Precipitate of Copper-Bearing Ferritic Stainless Steel Collapse-Type Shrinkage in Plantation-Grown Eucalyptus Cells When Subjected to Heat-Steam Treatment Characterization of Power Plant Bottom Ash and its Application to Cement Mortar The Effect of Aging on Synthesis of Zeolite at High Temperature Synthesis of Zeolite Added Clay and Sewage Sludge Explicit Finite Element Analysis of the Plunge Stage of Tool in Friction Stir Welding Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Powders from Iron Tailings Key Technology for Extraction, Thermoplastic Modification and Application of Lignin Influence of CdZnTe/Au Contact on the Wire Bonding Property between the Down-Lead and Au Electrode Practical Recycling Application of Power Plant Coal Ash for High Performance Shotcrete Material Recycling of Waste Concrete and Fly Ash for Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Fundamental Characteristics Evaluation Tensile Properties of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Material Research of Eco-Product Design Study on Micro-Hardness and Electrical Conductivity in as Cast Cu-Fe-P Alloys Fabrication and Characterization of AZ91/CNT Magnesium Matrix Composites Numerical Simulation of Perforated Hollow Sphere Structures (PHSS) to Investigate Mechanical Properties Influence of SO3 Content on Drying Shrinkage Cracking Resistance of Cement-Fly Ash Stabilized Crushed-Stones Research on Magneto-Rheological Fluids Torsional Damper and Control System Applied to Controlling Carbon Fiber Strain Effect of Deformation Parameters on Deformation Behavior of Ti14 Alloy during Semi-Solid Compression Effect of CaO Addition on High Temperature Tensile Properties of Mg Casting Alloys Precipitation Prediction and Experimental Clarification of Mg-Al-Sn System Synthesis and Properties of Polyurethane-Based Actuator with Poly(dimethyl Siloxane) Electrical Property Characterization of Plasma Sprayed Polycrystalline Silicon In Vitro Assessment of Antibacterial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Silver Contained Antibacterial HA Coating Material The Effect of Filler on the Properties of Silicone Rubber Development of Composite Binder System for Shell Mold in Precision Casting of Thin Stainless Steel Improving Contact Damage Resistance of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Incorporating Buffer Layer An Investigation on Erosion Wear Characteristics of SiC Particle Reinforced Steel Matrix Surface Composite Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Undercooled Fe-80at%Ni Alloys Synthesis of High Purity Ti3SiC2 Powder by Vacuum Sintering Deformation Behavior and Microstructure of Low Carbon High Manganese Steels in Tensile Strain Mechanical Property of FRP Bar and Design Method of Hybrid FRP Bar Fracture Behavior of Plasma-Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings with Different Bond Coats upon Cyclic Thermal Exposure Resistance to Permanent Deformation and Low-Temperature Cracking of Porous Asphalt Mixture Using the Tafpack Super Additive Investigation on Preparation and Performance of Micro-Powder Rubber Modified Asphalt Influence of Aging Time on Sigma Phase Precipitation in SAF2507 Super-Duplex Stainless Steel Dielectric Property of Laminated AlN/BN Ceramic Composites Fabrication and Hardening Treatment for SiC/AlN Ceramic Composites Effect of Aluminum Addition on Synthesis of Ti3SiC2 by Vacuum Sintering Influence of the Porosity of C/C on the Characterization of C/C-SiC Composites Prepared by Reactive Melt Infiltration Method Computer Simulation of Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer for the Production of Cu Thin Wire by OCC Process On Cold Materials of Pavement and High-Temperature Performance of Asphalt Concrete Characterization of Nanocrystalline CoCrFeNiCuAl High-Entropy Alloy Powder Processed by Mechanical Alloying Application of Al-Mg Alloy in Bearing Steel Sigma Phase Precipitation of Duplex Stainless Steel and its Effect on Corrosion Resistance Fast Densification of B4C Ceramics with Al2O3 as a Sintering Aid by Spark Plasma Sintering Fracture Characteristics of Vacuum Diffusion Bonded TA2 Titanium to 1Cr18Ni9Ti Stainless Steel Joint with Nb+Ni Interlayers Investigating the Properties of Machinable Ceramics SiC/C(Graphite) Prepared by Plasma Activated Sintering Research on the Hot Precision Processing of TiAl Alloys Low Temperature Transformation of 3 mol% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings Deposited by Air Plasma Spraying Analysis of Anti-Seismic Performance of HRB500 Steel in Fire Preparation of C/C-SiC Brake Materials with Low Cost and High Friction Performance Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Barium Aluminosilicate-Silicon Nitride Composites Effect of Precursors on Transmittance and Microstructure of Mullite Ceramics Microstructure and Flexural Property of CaCO3 Whisker Reinforced Epoxy Composite Material Hybrid Tooling Using High Speed Cutting and Other RP (Rapid Prototyping) Technologies Synthesis of Fe3Si-Ti(C0.3, N0.7) Multiphase Composite Ceramic from Iron Tailings and its Properties Fabrication and Characterization of Barium Aluminum Silicate-Silicon Nitride Composites Environmentally Benign Material Removal Processes for the Fabrication of Microdevices Preparation of Ti/Cu Oxide Coating on Alumina by Sol-Gel Method Preparation of Nano-Sized ZnO Powder by Freeze-Drying Preparation and Properties of PP/PLA /Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites Filaments Obtained by Melt Compounding The Microstructural Deformation of the Montmorillonite Particles/Polypropylene/Polylactic Acid Nanocomposite Filaments Infused with Plasma Treated Montmorillonite Effects of Eu2+, Dy3+ Contents and Particle Sizes on the Luminescent Properties of SrAl2O4 Phosphor by the Sol-Gel Process Growth of Highly Orientated and Well-Aligned ZnO Nanowhiskers Using Aqueous Solutions The Strain Rate Sensitivity of Plasma Treated Nano TiOx Particles/PP/PLA Nano-Composites Filaments Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Nano ZnO/PP/PLA Composite Filaments Investigation of Microstructure and Machinability of the B4C/BN Composites ZnO Nanorods Synthesized in Large-Scale via Sonochemical Method and its Sensing Potential towards Methyl Mercaptan Preparation and Properties of Nanoclay/TPS/Asphalt Ternary Binders Dispersing Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Water by Adsorption of Polyphenols Synthesis and Characterization of FePt Nanoparticle/Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites Effect of Nano-Sized Metal Colloids on Color Change of Photosensitive Glass by Using X-Ray Irradiation R-Curve Behavior of Machinable SiC/h-BN Nano-Composites Preparation and Electrocatalytic Properties of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube/Platinum Nanoparticle Composite Fabrication Process for Nanorod Array Structure by Using Aluminization and Internal Oxidation of Nickel Fabrication and Formation Mechanism of Flowerlike Bicephalous TiB2 Nanowhisker Clusters Fabrication of La Doped ZnO Nanorods via a Solvothermal Route Preparation of Silver Nanoplates in SDBS System Preparation of Chitosan Grafting Acrylic Acid Supported Palladium Fibrous Catalyst and its Application in Hydrogenation Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Porous YVO4:Sm Nanoplates Effect of Surface Nanocrystallization Method on Fatigue Strength of TA2 Fabrication of Nano-MgO Reinforced Fe-Cr-Ni Composites by Reactive Hot Pressing Adsorption and Deposition of Cu (II) on Modified Valonia Tannin Applied Study of Fibre Padding and Ceramic in Micro-Polluted Water Treatment In Vitro Cytocompatibility of Plasma-Sprayed Dicalcium Silicate/Zirconia Composite Coating In Vitro Cytocompatibility of Silver-Containing Hydroxyapatite Coatings Extraction of Lignin from Pulping Black Liquor by Organic Acid Study of Machinable Dental Glass Ceramics Response of MG63 Osteoblast-Like Cells on Pyrolytic Carbon Coated Carbon/Carbon Composites Corelation of Colorimetric Parameters with Collapse-Shrinkage Properties in Plantation-Grown Eucalyptus Based on Eco-Furniture Materials Study of Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Polycarbonate Composite for Bone Repair Fabrication of a High Performance Ti Alloy Implant for an Artificial Hip Joint Polymerization and Characterization of Functionalized Poly(L-Lactide) Synthesis of Fluorine-Containing Organic Silane Reagent The Comprehensive Utilization of EAF Dust and Pickling Sludge of Stainless Steel Works Design of Inner Wedge-Form Tool in Precision Recycle of Digital Paper Display Removal of Zn (II) from Aqueous Solution by Copolymer of Grafting Acrylic Acid onto Deacetylated Konjac Glucomannan Thermodynamic Consideration of CaO Added Mg Alloys in Recycling Process Improving Effect of Mineral Admixtures on Volume Stability of Steel Slag Mortar Properties of Cement Paste Using Mine Tailing and Polymer Materials Flexibility Modification of KGM Membranes by Maleic Anhydride Effect on Compressive Strength by Mixing Ratio of MSWI Melting Slag/Bottom Ash Use of Recycled Calcium Slag for Clean Steel Refining Compressive Strength of Brick Made from Waste Materials Adsorption of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution with Blast Furnace Slag Activated by Hydrated Lime as Sorbent Investigation of Electronic Structures of F-Doped TiO2 by First-Principles Calculation Indium-Sensitized UV Photocatalysts Made from Alkali Titanate Microfibers Preparation and Characterization of Fe-Doped BiVO4 Influence by Difference of the Photocatalyst Nanoparticle Shape to Skin Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of Nano Titania-Coated Beads Improvement in Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 by Addition of Small Amount of TiO2-xNy Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2-Coatings Mounted on CaAl2O4:Eu2+, Nd3+ without Light Source A New Preparation Method of Visible Light Responsive Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Films by Sol-Gel Method Effective of SiO2 Addition on the Self-Cleaning and Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Films by Sol-Gel Process Synthesis of Mn-N-Codoped TiO2 Photocatalyst and its Photocatalytic Reactivity under Visible Light Irradiation Preparation of Titanate Nanotubes by Hydrothermal Method Photocatalytic Activity of Porous TiO2 Film Prepared by Dip-Coating Technique Using Sol Containing Trehalose Preparation of TiO2 Thin Films and its Superhydrophilic Properties Light Conversion by Size Control of Inorganic Phosphors Properties Predicting of Transition Metal-Doped Anatase TiO2 Buried-Layer Bared AZO/TiO2 Semiconductor Coupled Films and their Photocatalytic Properties Effects of Electrical Discharge Energy on Machining Performance of Sintered NdFeB Magnet Development of Porous Material with High Young's Modulus and Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient in SiC-Vitrified Bonding Material-LiAlSiO4 System Viscoelastic Analysis on High Temperature's Stability of Asphalt Pavement Preparation of Superfine Molybdenum Powder by Reduction Process The Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Ni-TiN Composite Films Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline CoNiFe Thin Films Prepared by Cyclic Voltammetry Multiferroic and Piezoelectric Behavior of Transition-Metal Doped ZnO Films Preparation and Properties Fluoralkylpolysiloxane Modified Polyurethane Films Preparation of Bioactive Porous Titanium-Molybdenum Alloy through Powder Metallurgy Research on Physical and Mechanic Properties of Green-Growing Porous Concrete for Ecological Slope Protection Porous Silicon Nitride Ceramics Prepared by Reduction - Nitridation of Diatomite Structure Change and Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of Lotus-Type Porous Copper by ECAE Process Fabrication and Properties of Pressureless Sintered Si3N4/BN Composite Ceramics with La2O3-Al2O3-Y2O3 as Sintering Additives Porous Materials with Hybrid Structure Produced by Nitriding Partially-Sintered Silicon Abrasive Grain Efficiency and Surface Roughness in Machining Magnesium Alloys by Newly Developed Cup-Type Diamond-Grinding-Wheels A Novel Method for the Preparation of Porous SiC Fabrication of Clay Foam Ceramics Using Silicon Carbide and Ferric Oxide as Foaming Agents Mechanical Behaviour of High Density Polyethylene Based Foams Fabrication of Porous Metals with Directional Pores through Solidification of Gas-Dissolved Melt Geopolymer Concrete Fabricated by Waste Concrete Sludge with Silica Fume

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