UML for the IT business analyst : a practical guide to object-oriented requirements gathering


    • Podeswa, Howard


UML for the IT business analyst : a practical guide to object-oriented requirements gathering

Howard Podeswa

Thomson Course Technology, c2005

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The IT Business Analyst is one of the fastest growing roles in the IT industry. Business Analysts are found in almost all large organizations and are important members of any IT team whether in the private or public sector. "UML for the IT Business Analyst" provides a clear, step-by-step guide to how the Business Analyst can perform his or her role using state-of-the-art object-oriented technology. Business analysts are required to understand object-oriented technology although there are currently no other books that address their unique needs as non-programmers using this technology. Assuming no prior knowledge of business analysis, IT, or object-orientation, material is presented in a narrative, chronological, hands-on style using a real-world case study. Upon completion of "UML for the IT Business Analyst" the reader will have created an actual business requirements document using all of the techniques of object-orientation required of a Business Analyst. "UML for the IT Business Analyst" puts together all of the technology pieces needed to proficiently perform the Business Analyst role.


Introduction Chapter 1: Who Are IT Business Analysts? Chapter 2: The BA's Perspective on Object Orientation Chapter 3: An Overview of Business Object-Oriented Modeling (B.O.O.M.) Chapter 4: Analyzing End-to-End Business Processes Chapter 5: Scoping the IT Project with System Use Cases Chapter 6: Storyboarding the User's Experience Chapter 7: Life Cycle Requirements for Key Business Objects Chapter 8: Gathering Across-the-Board Rules with Class Diagrams Chapter 9: Optimizing Consistency and Reuse in Requirements Documentation Chapter 10: Designing Test Cases and Completing the Project Chapter 11: What Developers Do with Your Requirements Appendix A: The B.O.O.M. Process Appendix B: Business Requirements Document (BRD) Template Appendix C: Business Requirements Document Example: CPP Case Study Appendix D: Decision Table Template Appendix E: Test Script Template Appendix F: Glossary of Symbols Appendix G: Glossary of Terms and Further Reading

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