Money and finance in the Indian economy


Money and finance in the Indian economy

Mihir Rakshit

(Oxford collected essays)

Oxford University Press, 2009


Macroeconomics of post-reform India

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Essays; most previously published

Companion volume to: Macroeconomics of post-reform India

"Selected papers, volume II."

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The focus of the selected papers in this volume is on problems and policy concerns emerging in particular sectors. The most important of these issues relate to the transition from a situation of credit constraint to one of excess liquidity; sources of fiscal imbalances and measures for their correction; economic and policy implications of FCI's excess food stocks and rapid build-up of foreign exchange reserves; pros and cons of foreign institutional investments; and strengths and weaknesses of the banking system under liberalized regime. The discussion throughout is rigorous, but lucid to suit the needs of students, researchers, and others interested in the performance and problems of the Indian macroeconomy.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Money and Public Finance under Structural Adjustment
  • 3. Restoring Fiscal Balance through Legislative Fiat: The Indian Experiment
  • 4. Some Public Economics of Food Subsidy and Buffer Stock Operations
  • 5. Perspectives on Correcting Fiscal Imbalances in the Indian Economy
  • 6. Some Analytics and Empirics of Fiscal Restructuring in India
  • 7. External Capital Flows and Foreign Exchange Reserves: Macroeconomic Implications and Policy Issues
  • 8. Use of Forex Reserves for Infrastructural Investment
  • 9. On Liberalising Foreign Institutional Investments
  • 10. Banking Under the Emerging Economic Environment

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