Scoring points : how Tesco continues to win customer loyalty



Scoring points : how Tesco continues to win customer loyalty

Clive Humby, Terry Hunt and Tim Phillips

Kogan Page, 2008, c2007

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes index



Scoring Points is the compelling and dramatic inside story, told from a project point of view, of how the Tesco Clubcard was conceived, launched and developed. It explains in detail how Tesco collected, analysed and used customer data to become a retail giant, making customer loyalty marketing work when almost every other programme failed. By pairing its loyalty scheme with sophisticated information technology, Tesco set a new standard for knowing your customer. Scoring Points is one of the seminal marketing books of the last decade. A fascinating tale of what can be achieved through vision, a strong team ethic and a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction, it is an inspirational read for anyone in business, from junior marketers or salespersons working in an FMCG environment, to any practitioner looking to better analyse their customer base.


  • Chapter - 00: Introduction
  • Chapter - 01: Questions of loyalty
  • Chapter - 02: Making loyalty pay
  • Chapter - 03: Clubcard on trial
  • Chapter - 04: Because we can
  • Chapter - 05: Every little helped
  • Chapter - 06: Data, lovely data
  • Chapter - 07: Four Christmases a year
  • Chapter - 08: You are what you eat
  • Chapter - 09: Lifestyles become habits
  • Chapter - 10: Launching a bank
  • Chapter - 11: Babies, beauty and wine
  • Chapter - 12: A bigger deal
  • Chapter - 13: From mouse to house
  • Chapter - 14: Back to basics
  • Chapter - 15: Clubcard overseas
  • Chapter - 16: 'Tesco's most potent weapon'

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