Provinces : Canadian provincial politics


Provinces : Canadian provincial politics

edited by Christopher Dunn

UTP, c2008

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Originally published: Peterborough : Broadview Press , 2006

Includes bibliographical references



Provinces is both a study of Canadian provincial government and a review of comparative politics. As such, it represents a long overdue return to the comparative tradition with its emphasis on subject-specific studies across the country. The chapters in this revised edition of Provinces, each of which has been written for the book by a leading scholar, are arranged according to four major sections?political life, institutions, public administration, and public policy?making the book highly suitable for those interested in areas beyond provincial politics. At the same time, the adopted comparative approach reveals a wealth of insight into Canadian politics at the beginning of the new millennium. This new edition covers some of the vital concerns of our time: a disquiet about the quality of democracy, concern about women?s place in provincial societies, interest in the nature and potential of governance in the north, unease on the question of the fiscal imbalance between all orders of government, a sensitivity to the needs of cities and communities, assessment of the retrenchment of the state, and consideration of the policy futures influenced by the changing demography of the provinces. Special Combined Price: Provinces, second edition may be ordered together with The Provincial State in Canada: Politics in the Provinces and Territories at a special discounted price. In order to secure the package price, the following ISBN must be used when ordering: 978-1-55402-587-9.


Introduction Part I: Surveying Provincial Political Landscapes 1. Provincial Political Cultures, Nelson Wiseman 2. Provincial Politics in the Modern Era, Rand Dyck Part II: Democracy, Provincial Style 3. Many Political Worlds? Provincial Parties and Party Systems, David K. Stewart and R. Kenneth Carty 4. Electoral Democracy in the Provinces and Territories, Donald E. Blake 5. Legal Portrait of the 2003 Ontario General Election, Gregory Tardi 6. Provincial Political Data Since 1900, Alan Siaroff Part III: Provincial Structures and Processes 7. Premiers and Cabinets, Christopher Dunn 8. Evaluating Provincial and Territorial Legislatures, Graham White 9. Court Systems in the Provinces, Carl Baar 10. Intergovernmental Relations, Richard Tindal and Susan Nobes Tindal 11. A Nutshell Reminder of the Evolution of Canada's Territories, Gregory Tardi Part IV: Provincial Political Economies 12. De-Mythologizing Provincial Political Economies: The Development of the Service Sectors in the Provinces 1911-2001, Michael Howlett 13. Balancing Autonomy and Responsibility: The Politics of Provincial Fiscal and Tax Policies, Geoffrey E. Hale Part V: Provincial Public Policy 14. The Realignment of Government in the Provinces, Karen Bridget Murray 15. The Policy Implications of Provincial Demographics, David K. Foot 16. Women's Status Across the Canadian Provinces, 1999-2002, Brenda O'Neill 17. Comparative State and Provincial Public Policy, Debora L. VanNijnatten and Gerard W. Boychuk 18. Provincial Policies Concerning Collective Bargaining, Gene Swimmer and Tim Bartkiw Contributors

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