Learning, training, and development in organizations


Learning, training, and development in organizations

edited by Steve W.J. Kozlowski, Eduardo Salas

(Organizational frontiers series)

Routledge, c2010

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This scholarly book in SIOP's Organizational Frontier series looks at research on enhancing knowledge acquisition and its application in organizations. It concentrates on training, design and delivery given the changing nature of work and organizations. Now that work is increasingly complex, there is greater emphasis on expertise and cognitive skills. Advances in technology such as computer simulations and web-based training are necessitating a more active role for the learner in the training process. In the broad context of the organization systems, this book promotes learning and development as a continuous lifelong endeavor.


Part 1. The Learner, Learning Processes, and Training Outcomes. Gully, Chen, Individual Differences, Attribute-Treatment Interactions, and Training Outcomes. Beier, Kanfer, Motivation in Training and Development: A Phase Perspective. Salas, Rosen, Experts at Work: Principles for Developing Expertise in Organizations. Ford, Kraiger, Merritt, An Updated Review of the Multidimensionality of Training Outcomes: New Directions for Training Evaluation Research. Part 2. Emerging Issues for Design and Delivery. Cooke, Fiore, Cognitive Science-Based Principles for the Design and Delivery of Training. Mayer, Research-Based Solutions to Three Problems in Web-Based Training. Cannon-Bowers, Bowers, Synthetic Learning Environments: On Developing a Science of Simulation, Games, and Virtual Worlds for Training. Bell, Kozlowski, Toward a Theory of Learner-Centered Training Design: An Integrative Framework of Active Learning. Part 3. The Organizational Context, Levels, and Time. Tannenbaum, Beard, McNall, Salas, Informal Learning and Development in Organizations. Molloy, Noe, "Learning" a Living: Continuous Learning for Survival in Today's Talent Market. Kozlowski, Chao, Jensen, Building an Infrastructure for Organizational Learning: A Multilevel Approach. Mathieu, Tesluk, A Multi-Level Perspective on Training and Development Effectiveness. Part 4. Reflection and an Agenda for the Future. Thayer, Goldstein, Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? Salas, Kozlowski, Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations: Much Progress and a Peek Over the Horizon.

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