Culture and management in the Americas


    • Behrens, Alfredo


Culture and management in the Americas

Alfredo Behrens

Stanford Business Books, c2009

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [309]-344) and index



Latin Americans are culturally different from North Americans in ways that so far have been inaccurately portrayed in the management literature. In Culture and Management in the Americas, Alfredo Behrens argues that these differences merit a substantial overhaul of management theory and practice to make the best of the significantly untapped Latin American potential for creativity, innovation, and teamwork. This applies in organizations with North American ownership and management, whether they are based in the U.S. or Latin America. Behrens, a management consultant and academic who has studied, taught, and practiced in South and North America and Europe, explains why the use of traditional North American research methods to capture cultural traits in the multi-cultural workforce is inappropriate. This practice produces a false picture of the cultural attributes and capabilities of Latin American managers and key staff. And this, in turn, leads to serious shortcomings in the development of appropriate motivation and leadership strategies and of appraisal and control instruments. Rather than relying on standardized surveys for measuring cultural attributes to underpin and develop such strategies and tools, the author suggests that managers look to the arts-particularly literature and cinema-for a richer and more useful alternative. He illustrates his points by reference to literary icons such as Argentina's Martin Fierro, Brazil's Macunaima, and America's Captain Ahab. He uses a variety of case studies to demonstrate what we can learn from these iconographic characters and what we can expect of each other when we apply these lessons-whether we are leading, following, or working in self-directed teams. This readable and enjoyable book will be an invaluable, engaging, and practical tool for anyone charged with managing at any level in workforce that combines both North American and Latin American cultures.


Contents Foreword by Simon Commander xxx Acknowledgments xxx Who should read what in this book xxx Introduction: Countries of the future, forever? 1 Part one Culture and the Americas 000 Chapter 1 000 Part two Cultural Tributaries of the New World 000 Chapter 2 England 000 Chapter 3 Spain 000 Chapter 4 Portugal 000 Chapter 5 Italy 000 Part Three: Cultures of the New World 000 Chapter 6 United States of America 000 Chapter 7 Argentina 000 Chapter 8 Brazil 000 Chapter 9 How culture shaped options in the New World 000 Chapter 10 Divergent Developmental Paths 000 Part 4 Cross-Cultural Management, the toolbox 000 Chapter 11 Who is who 000 Part Five: Sizing the impact of Culture on Management 000 Chapter 12 Leadership 000 Chapter 13 Literary portrait of a culture: Argentina 000 Chapter 14 Literary portrait of a culture: Brazil 000 Chapter 15 Communication, Perceptions of Time Working in teams, and incentives. 000 Chapter 16 Strategy and control 000 Chapter 17 The way forward 000 Notes 000 Index 000

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