Web information systems and mining : International Conference, WISM 2009, Shanghai, China, November 7-8, 2009, proceedings


Web information systems and mining : International Conference, WISM 2009, Shanghai, China, November 7-8, 2009, proceedings

Wenyin Liu ... [et al.] (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 5854)

Springer, c2009

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Web Information Retrieval.- The Research on Chinese Coreference Resolution Based on Maximum Entropy Model and Rules.- Performance Improvement in Automatic Question Answering System Based on Dependency Term.- An Expert System Based Approach to Modeling and Selecting Requirement Engineering Techniques.- Web Access Latency Reduction Using CRF-Based Predictive Caching.- Web Information Extraction.- A Property Restriction Based Knowledge Merging Method.- A Multi-view Approach for Relation Extraction.- Self-similarity Clustering Event Detection Based on Triggers Guidance.- Analysis and Interpretation of Semantic HTML Tables.- Web Information Classification.- An Improved Feature Selection for Categorization Based on Mutual Information.- A Feature Selection Method Based on Fisher's Discriminant Ratio for Text Sentiment Classification.- Web Mining.- Mining Preferred Traversal Paths with HITS.- Link Analysis on Government Website Based-on Factor.- WAPS: An Audio Program Surveillance System for Large Scale Web Data Stream.- Hot Topic Detection on BBS Using Aging Theory.- Semantic Web and Ontologies.- A Heuristic Algorithm Based on Iteration for Semantic Telecommunications Service Discovery.- An Improved Storage and Inference Method for Ontology Based Remote Sensing Interpretation System.- SASL: A Semantic Annotation System for Literature.- Applications.- Multi-issue Agent Negotiation Based on Fairness.- A Hemodynamic Predict of an Intra-Aorta Pump Application in Vitro Using Numerical Analysis.- The Sampling Synchronization of the Chaotic System with Different Structures Based on T-S Model.- Web Information Systems for Monitoring and Control of Indoor Air Quality at Subway Stations.- A Layered Overlay Multicast Algorithm with PSO for Routing Web Streams.- Solving University Course Timetabling Problems by a Novel Genetic Algorithm Based on Flow.- XML and Semi-structured Data.- Indexing Temporal XML Using FIX.- Semantic Structural Similarity Measure for Clustering XML Documents.- A Bloom Filter Based Approach for Evaluating Structural Similarity of XML Documents.- Web Services.- Similarity Based Semantic Web Service Match.- Clustering-Based Semantic Web Service Matchmaking with Automated Knowledge Acquisition.- An Efficient Approach to Web Service Selection.- Constraint Web Service Composition Based on Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization.- A QoS-Aware Service Selection Approach on P2P Network for Dynamic Cross-Organizational Workflow Development.- Semantic Model Driven Architecture Based Method for Enterprise Application Development.- Modeling and Analyzing Web Service Behavior with Regular Flow Nets.- Research on Passive Optical Network Based on Ant Colony Algorithms for Bandwidth Distribution in Uplink Direction.- Multifactor-Driven Hierarchical Routing on Enterprise Service Bus.- A Mechanism of Modeling and Verification for SaaS Customization Based on TLA.- EPN-Based Web Service Composition Approach.- Intelligent Networked Systems.- Quantum CSMA/CD Synchronous Communication Protocol with Entanglement.- Development of EPA Protocol Information Enquiry Service System Based on Embedded ARM Linux.- EasyKSORD: A Platform of Keyword Search Over Relational Databases.- Information Security.- Real-Time and Self-adaptive Method for Abnormal Traffic Detection Based on Self-similarity.- Trust-Based Fuzzy Access Control Model Research.- An Evaluation Model of CNO Intelligence Information Confidence.- A Verified Group Key Agreement Protocol for Resource-Constrained Sensor Networks.- A Bulk Email Oriented Multi-party Non-repudiation Exchange Protocol.- Software Fault Feature Clustering Algorithm Based on Sequence Pattern.- Identification of Malicious Web Pages by Inductive Learning.- The Handicap Principle for Trust in Computer Security, the Semantic Web and Social Networking.- Formal Analysis of Fairness in E-Payment Protocol Based on Strand Space.- E-Learning.- Research for Data Mining Applying in the Architecture of Web-Learning.- Design E-learning Recommendation System Using PIRT and VPRS Model.- Dynamic Content Manager - A New Conceptual Model for E-Learning.- A User Behavior Perception Model Based on Markov Process.- E-commerce.- The Knowledge Sharing Based on PLIB Ontology and XML for Collaborative Product Commerce.- Reinforcement Learning Based Web Service Compositions for Mobile Business.- Will Commodity Properties Affect Seller's Creditworthy: Evidence in C2C E-commerce Market in China.- Trust Model Based on M-CRGs in Emergency Response.- Distributed Systems.- Research on a Queue Scheduling Algorithm in Wireless Communications Network.- Mixed H 2/H ??? Control for Networked Control Systems (NCSs) with Markovian Packet-Loss.- Research on the Trust-Adaptive Scheduling for Data-Intensive Applications on Data Grids.- Robust Stability of Multi-variable Networked Control Systems with Random Time Delay.

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